۞✖Ultimate Present✖۞ (Aizen Sousuke) - Sakura18553 FanFic

Aizen Sousuke One-Shot Lemon: ۞✖| Ultimate Present |۞✖

Name: Sakura Kamimori Aizen (She’s now married to Aizen remember.)
Age: Unknown
Birthday: June 9th

First of all, this story is rated ‘M’, lemon, explicit content, cursed words, etc. Please do not read this stories when you hate SEX okay?
Also, this one-shot is still related to “My Goddess to be…” It’s just forgotten to mention. So, I thought of this as a lemon one-shot.
Sakura's POV
          "Happy Birthday Sakura-chan!!” Hallibel tackles me to the ground and squeezing with her hug. Today is my birthday finally. Don’t celebrate my birthday that much with my arrancars because someone might attack the palace since it was all broken up until Sousuke-kun fixed the place. 
          “All right All right Hallibel-san. It’s not that a big deal.” I said as we both got up at the same time. She still has that smile plastered to her face. Hallibel-san can be such a kid sometimes when she’s around me.
          “Why don’t we go to the kitchen and grab some dinner?” she says still, her smile is there. We walked together until we reached the door to the kitchen. I was about to reach the door knob but Halibel-san stopped me.
          “Is there something wrong?” I asked as I faced her.
          “No. Can you please close your eyes Sakura-chan? And don’t peek.” she says.
          "All right.” I said. I closed my eyes tight but not too tight. I had no clue what this was about and again, I suck at guessing. I heard door opens and Halibel leads me in. She giggled.
          “All right then Sakura-chan, you can open your eyes.” she says as she removed her hands from my back. My eyes fluttered open.
          “SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA-CHAN!!” loud voices surprised me. They were all clapping and lots of cheering. Almost gave me a heart attack. But then inside… it tickled. My eyes were about to be flowed with tears of happiness because everyone remembered my birthday. Balloons, cakes, party hats, stuff normally humans use to celebrate a persons birthday. Everyone was also here! Espadas, Gin, Tosen, but someone seems to be missing…
           “Where’s Sousuke-kun?” I asked.
           Gin walks towards me and pulls me in a hug. “Don’t worry Sakura-chan. He’s just busy right now. But he want to give this gift to you…” Gin takes out a nicely folded clothes. My eyes widened but then softened. It was my favorite red and white kimono that I wore on the Soul Society. 
          “I haven’t wore this kimono in a long time…” I said as I pulled it in and embrace it.
          “Thank you Gin for bringing this.”
          “Don’t thank me. Thank Aizen-sama. He’s the one who thought of it. You should wear it.”
          “Let’s get the party started!” Hallibel shouted as she raised a fist into the air and everyone cheered. 
Everyone was eating, laughing, dancing, and having a good time. It was also really weird thing because I never seen my Arrancars party before. I also exchanged my clothes with the kimono. I just sat down there, eating a few food, and having some sake since Gin brought some from Soul Society.
          2 hours was passed and everyone returned to their rooms tired of the fun. I wanted to stay and help clean up, but Gin insisted on going straight to my bedroom, which I meant Sousuke-kun and I since we sleep together now as husband and wife.
          I opened the door as it made a clicking sound. The room was dark, but the light from outside lit a small part of the room. I shut the door and it echoes. There were only a few rays of light that came from the windows. But I was still felt like I was in complete darkness. Suddenly I felt hands snaked my waist. 
          “Oh it’s just you Aizen.” I said sounded a bit disappointed. “Where were you?” I asked. I felt his head lean against my ear and whispered, “Here.” he says in a seductive voice. His lips were starting to trail and kiss my neck. I giggled lightly.
          “Please Sousuke-kun. Not right now. I’m tired.” I said but a soft moan escaped my lips.
          “You're lying Sakura. Your words says ‘no’. But your moan says ‘yes.’” He says slyly. My body was suddenly pushed and I fell on the bed. My kimono was almost untied and my chest were mostly showing. He showed his evil smirk. 
          "You purposely make me wear my kimono didn’t you.”
          “It suits you better anyway. When I see you wearing that, I get horny.” he kneels and gets on top of me. He crashed his lips kissing me roughly and passionately. He quickly inserted his tongue without permission and me without knowing. His tongue danced around my mouth and I moaned loudly. His tongue trailed down to my breasts and started circling it. He bit my nipple and I was holding back my moan.
          “You don’t need to hold back, Sakura.”
          He bit my nipple harder this time. Blood was drawn out and he licked it clean. I finally escaped moans from my throat that I have been holding back. I was breathing heavily and I finally felt that extreme excitement. My kimono was removed all the way. My heart pumped in an out of my chest. He was finally done playing with my breast and he trailed his tongue lower. I spread my legs wide open. “Why the fuck did I do that?!” I thought.

Aizen’s POV
Sakura spread her legs wide open giving me permission to do it. Her entrance was already filled and soaked with juices. My tongue touched her entrance and she moaned. Her breathing has gotten heavier. My tongue was swirling, licking her entrance clean slowly, and devoured her with my mouth. It’s been a while that I haven’t tasted her and how sweet her juice was. She grabbed my hair and my tongue began moving much faster inside. She made multiple moans. She hates it, but on reality, she loves the feeling. Her back arched as she gripped on my hair tighter. She had finally released, and I sucked all of those juices inside her. Her breathing was heavy but starting to calm down and she was blushing like mad. Her long flowing read hair covered her face. I moved it out of the way and my head goes towards upward kissing her letting her the chance to taste herself. Rubbing her entrance and making her dirty.
          “Please. I think.. This.. is enough.” She said between her breathing.
          “Your lying Sakura. You love it.” I said as I licked my lips.
          She sat up and ripped my red sash. My clothes were all off and she showed a smirk on her lips. She pushes me and I laid down on the bed.
          “Do you want it Aizen?” she asks with a smirk on her lips.

Sakura’s POV
I asked Aizen if he wants it. But he didn’t respond back. But I could tell, his smirk. I looked at the size of him and grabbed a hold of his member. I did something for amusement, stroking it up and down. As I did that, he moaned slightly. I‘m glad you like it. My tongue swirled on his tip leaving saliva all over it. I took it in my mouth, getting as much as I can. I bobbed my head up and down as I kept on sucking his member.
          He grabbed a handful of my hair and I could see, he threw his back from the waves of pleasure I’m giving him as I devoured him. I licked his sides as I make moaning sounds.
          “Mm… You’re amazing Aizen.” I said as I kept on licking. He gripped on the sheets of the bed and he was groaning. Feeling me as his breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I knew he was reaching his climax. He was about to let out all his juice, but I stopped what I was doing. He growled loudly in disappointment and pulled my hair pulling me closer to him meeting face to face. I moved my self on top of him squatting.
          “I’m sorry honey. Be patient. You might want to save it.” I said slyly. I crashed my lips on mines. I inserted my tongue playing. I wrapped my arms around his neck while wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. He lowered his head down to my chest. He began kissing, licking, and nipping my nipples and I groaned.
          “Move it already honey I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside already. I want you to fuck me hard.” I pleaded.
Aizen’s POV
Sakura gave up already. She wants me to fuck her hard. I smirked at her.
          “Do you really want it Sakura?” I asked as I moved on top of her, myself positioning myself.
          “Yes! I want you Aizen. Inside me. I want to feel you! Please!” she pleaded. I leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “Then scream it my name for me, moan it for me, and enjoy it for me.”
          My member poked her entrance, and I rubbed on it. Slowly, I inserted my member.
          “Ngnh..” She moaned. She loved and liked the feeling of me inside her. I placed my hands on her hips. I started moving my hips, in and out. The moans of her were quiet, but it increases every time I thrust into her. 
The last time I did this to here, it was different from before. This time, it was much better... I moved my hips slowly. This time it was filled mostly with love and lust. Her sweet juicy cream was spilling as I moved inside her. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer and still wanting more. Neither me or her can’t take this extreme feeling.
          “Faster Aizen! Faster!”
I moved my hips faster, slamming into her hard. I couldn’t control my animal-like hormones. I could feel my climax building. More. I pounded into her mercilessly and going in deeper and deeper.
         “Scream it Sakura-chan.”
          “Aaa-Aizen, I.. I want you!!!” She screamed my name. Were working together aiming to that spot. She arches her back from those deep waves of pleasure.
          “Aizen.. I’m…” She moans. In a matter of seconds on working that spot, I felt her hot sweet juices soaked over me as my seeds spilled and soaked her. Removing my member and breathing heavily, I laid down beside her. She was breathing heavily and sweating.
          “Aizen. This is the best night of my life.” She says as she was snuggling closer to me.
          “Happy Birthday Sakura. I love you.” I say as I kissed her forehead
          “Mm.. Love you too and thank you. This is the most wonderful present I have ever received.”
          “Good Night Sakura.”

Sakura's POV
          I finally woke up. Took a shower and went straight to the kitchen. The room was full of whispers. I see Halibel sitting near the counter. I walked towards her.
          "Good Morning Hallibel-chan." I said as I sat down next to her.
          "Good Morning Sakura-chan." She says as she giggled.
          "Is something on my face?" I ask. She leans closer to my ear and whispers, "Did you like the birthday present?" She asks.
         "Yes. The kimono was very pretty." I said.
         "No! That's not what I meant. What I mean was the other thing. We could hear you loud. Actually, it was louder than before." She laughs out loud getting attention across the kitchen. She calms down.
         I felt two arms wrapped around me.
         "Good Morning, my love." Aizen says. 
         "Good Morning, Sousuke-kun." I said back.
         "Did you like my present?"
         "Yes I did." 
         "Good. Maybe we can do it again in another time." He leans and pecks his lips on my cheek then walks away.