Chapter 1: The Meeting - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Time Setting: 100 years ago:: Location: Sereitei
Yamamoto’s POV

          There I was in my office, there alone with my lieutenant at my left side, Chōjirō Sasakibe. I looked out at my large window on my left without a glass protection. It mostly has the view of the west side of the Sereitei. It was very quiet ever since my oldest cousin was gone. 
        “Years have passed since Kami-sama was gone…It is now the time she will finally return.” I stood up as my lieutenant slid the chair behind me. I was old. But Kami-sama is much older than I am. “Chojiro Sasakibe, please do me a favor.” “What is it General Yamamoto?” he asked as my lieutenant bowed. “Please send this message to each division by hell butterflies. ‘All captains and lieutenants must attend to this very urgent meeting happening at high noon.’” I requested my lieutenant. “Of course General.” After he said that, he shunpo’d out of the room with a small breeze and I walked straight to the meeting room.

Shinji’s POV
          “Is the coast clear?” I asked Aizen Sosuke, my lieutenant while I was hiding in my room and he was outside standing and guarding the door. “Yes taichou. She‘s not here at the moment.” he responded back. I opened my sliding door and went out as Aizen stepped aside. “Good. I thought for a second there Hiyo-” before I could finish my sentence, I felt a kick in front of my face and fell down on the floor. I notice it a shadow figure, three feet far. I looked up and saw Hiyori with an angry look on her face and arms folded. I gulped.
          “Uh… H-hi there Hiyori-chan?” I staggered between my sentences. I was too afraid to response because she might hit me again. I heard a cracking sound. It came from Hiyori’s knuckles warming it up. “If you think it’s over, well it’s not.” when she finished cracking her knuckles she landed a punch on me again on my abdomen. “Oww!! Look what did I do to you in the first place anyway ya old woman?!!” I covered quickly my mouth. A dark aura surrounded Hiyori. ’Uh-Oh! Bad move Shinji!’ I thought to myself in a panicked tone. “What did you say?” Hiyori questioned me as she cracked her knuckles… Again. “Uh, um… Nothing! Nothing! I said ‘What did you do that for?’ that’s all!” She went closer and closer to me as I kept crawling backward. “That’s not what I heard!” that a vein popped out of her forehead! She punched me and I covered my eyes. I was expecting a punch on my face or stomach, but it didn’t come.
          “What's taking so long? How come you didn’t punch me?” I peeked between my fingers and saw someone in front of me. He was tall and has a brown hair. Oh, it was just Aizen. Whew! Thank god! I stood up and dusted my self and fix my captain’s haori. “Thanks Aizen. You really saved my life.” I thanked him.

Aizen’s POV
          “Hiyori fuko-taichou, I think that would be enough for you today. Don’t you think?” I smiled at Hiyori while I was holding her first about to punch my captain. She calmed down and she pulled her hand away from my grasp. She backed up a few feet away. While we were all just standing there in silence, a hell butterfly fluttered close. I held my finger up a bit and the butterfly softly landed on my finger. ‘All Captains and lieutenants must attend this urgent meeting.’ The butterfly flew away after giving me the message. “So, what did it say?” My captain asked behind me.
          “All Captains and lieutenants must attend to this meeting. Also you, Hiyori-chan.” I stared at her deeply. “Fine. I’m getting outta here!” she shunpo’d away from us. “Shall we go, Captain?” I questioned my captain as I turn around to face him. He just nodded and we shunpo’d straight to the meeting room. We finally reached the first division’s barracks. We stopped at the gigantic dounle doors that was in front of us that leads to the meeting room. I knocked three times and the door slowly opened. “Shinji-taichou and Aizen-fuko taichou. Please enter.” We did as we are told. The other captains and vice-captains from the other division must have already got ahead of us because of the small commotion that happened between my Captain and Hiyori-fuko taichou. We lined up like the others did. When we got to our position, our meeting had begun.

Yamamoto’s POV
          I was in the meeting room with the rest of the captains and lieutenants of the other divisions. “Now, some of the first captains here may have been aware of this already,” I continued ”But to those of the new captains, Sakura Kamimori will be returning back from her long endless war along with her subordinates.” I looked at the fine polished floor as I could see my reflection. “You shall meet me at the gate where we cross the borders between the world of the living at high noon. You must at least be there 10 minutes before.” I let out a deep sigh. “Captains, lieutenants, Dismissed.” I walked out of the meeting room along with my Lieutenant. “General, are you sure that this is the exact date, the day she will finally return.” He asked as I stopped at my tracks. “Yes I’m positive. Kami-sama made a promise.” I answered his question not even bothering to turn around and continued walking straight to my office. “What if she never made it? What if she perished?” He asked again but did not stop walking. “Do not think of such negative things. She has a power of a goddess. She cannot be defeated easily. She is a relative of mine who stood by my side as our family abandoned us…” I stopped at my words “After all, she has surpasses my own power.” When I finished talking, we have finally reached my office. I walked toward my desk and sat at my chair. ‘I shall wait for her arrival.’