Chapter 1: Yukiko's Mournful and Stupendous Beginning - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Special One
Chp 1: Yukiko's Mournful and Stupendous Start

Yukiko’s POV
6 Years Old
    “Mom?! Mom!! What happened?!” I saw my mom, lying on the grassy ground; unconscious. I was only gone for a minute and then, her body was covered with her own crimson blood. Her beautiful long and brown hair covered her porcelain face. It  was a mess. It ruined her image. I was too shocked to do anything. “Who did this?!” I shook her body but she wasn’t waking up.  It was no use. I gulped loudly and shouted, “Help! Please someone help!! My mom has been killed!” My voice echoed across the forest but still… I haven’t heard anything back. But then, I heard rustling of grass. I turned my head back and looked up.
    I saw a man in a black kimono and a white haori on top. He had long flowing silver hair and brown eyes. He has that soft expression on his face.
    “What happened little one?” The strange man asked.
    I sniffled. “M-my Mom… was killed!” I ran towards the strange man and hugged him even though, I don't know him. Tears started falling down my face. I felt him kneeled down to my level. He looked me into the eye with a kind and tendering look.
    “Sh-Sh.” He cooed and pulled me to a hug. “It’s alright. I’m sorry about what happened.” I wiped away and sniffled.
    “Thank you very much mister…” I said in a low volume. “…for comforting me.” I continued.
    “It’s alright. No problem.” He looked behind me to look at my mom on the ground. “Do you have any other relatives or connections to others?” He asked.
    “Umm… no… sir. My mom have been taking care of me since I was little by herself.”
    “Well, your mom did a pretty good job taking care of you. Since you don’t have any other more relatives or connections, why don’t you live with me and I’ll take care of you.” My face lightened up from his words. I’m not going to be alone for the rest of my life.
    “Really mister?!”
    “Yes. You don’t have to call me ‘mister’. You can just call me Joshiro… But I think it would be better if you jus t call me ‘oto-san.’ Since I’m your adaptive father now.” He said as he put on a smile.
    “Alright.. oto-san. Thank you. “I’ll miss my momma… is it alright, if I may visit her everday?” I asked as I wiped away my tears. Oto-san and I made a small funeral of her after what happened. She was burried to the place Me and my Mom's favorite place to enjoy our free time. “Of course you can. I will come with you to make sure you are safe.” My eyes glistened. Words that sound so kind and caring. I nodded as a response.
    “We’ll be living a little far from here though.” He continued. “Where will we live?” I asked. “We’ll be living in Soul Society.” He said.
    “I know Soul Society. It’s where Soul Reapers live.”
    “Yes. You are right.” He said as he patted my head.
    “That means you’re a shinigami oto-san.”
    “Yes. And you’re going to be a shinigami.”
    “Really?! I can be a shinigami?!”
    “Yes you can.” He smiles.
    “Thank you Oto-san.” I smiled lightly. I took one last look at my mother's grave. Oto-san carried me on his back. Both of us, together headed to Soul Society and for me to have a new beginning in my life.

99 Years Later
Nobody's POV
    Yukiko sat under the green shady tree reading books and doing homework. What homework? Well, calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully, the subject, Yukiko is most troubled in. She is also very intelligent and excelled almost every subject in Shinigami Academy. Of course, Yukiko has a beautiful penmanship yet, writing in cursive or calligraphy is troubling her.
    “Yukiko-chan, having trouble?” Someone said in a deep, yet gentle and kind voice. Yukiko looks up. A grown up with brown scholarly hair, square glasses, brown eyes, and also wearing the black Shinigami uniform. The 5th Division’s Vice-Captain, Sosuke Aizen. Her face flushes, red as a tomato. She hid all of her  papers, homework, book, etc. behind her.
    “Ummm…” Was all she could say since she has a very shy personality, not actually. She’s shy only when she sees or meets a cute guy or she likes or has a crush on. Unfortunately, she does a have a huge crush on him... and some other 2. Sosuke chuckles and said,
    “It’s alright. I’m not forcing you.” He said as he smiled.
    “N-no! I umm… Actually, I do need your help fuko-taichou.” Yukiko stuttered.
    “Yukiko-chan, you don’t have to call me in a formal way. You can just address me by my first name.”
    “Oh… Alright then.” she smiled.
    “So which subject are you having trouble in?” He asks as he walks towards her  and sat down next to her  “Well, I’m having trouble with calligraphy.” She lowered her head down, feeling ashamed to say it. I’m not perfect.
    “Souka, Calligraphy is my favorite subject. I’ve already excelled that.” he pauses, “One day, I’m going to be teaching students about calligraphy once I have become a captain.” He continued. She looks up at him because of the height difference even though they are sitting down “Really?! That’s good Sosuke-kun.” She smiles with gleams in her eyes.  
    “If I ever become a captain, would you like to be my Vice-Captain?” Yukiko gasped. She wasn’t sure if she will ever get into his squad. His adaptive father had already decided which squad she will move to. And she wishes not to disappoint his father. After all, he saved her from loneliness and sadness.
Yukiko’s face saddened and lowers down her head. The shadow covered her face. “I would love to accept your offer but, oto-san has already decided which squad I’m going to be in after I graduate.”
    “Do you know which squad would it be?”
    “I do not know yet. He haven’t told me which one. But I will be that captain’s vice-captain.”
    “Well, if that captain ever had replaced you with another vice-captain, would you still like to be my vice-captain?”
    “Yes, I would love that Sosuke.” Her face lightens up.
    “Well then, since I have nothing to do, Would you like me to help you with Calligraphy?”
    “Yes! Thank you!” She immediately stands up and bows. Sosuke laughs at her sudden actions.
    “No need for such formalities. Yukiko-chan.”
    “Okay. Can you help me now please?”