Chapter 2: Finally a Shinigami, Finally a Captain - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Special One
Chp 2: Finally a Shinigami, Finally a Captain

1 Year’s Later
Nobody’s POV

     "Congratulations Yukiko-chan!" his father pulls him into a hug. Yukiko gladly hugs back to his father. "You’ve finally graduated from Shinigami Academy." "I’m so proud of you!" Yukiko’s father releases her from her grasp so tight that, her face almost turned blue. She wants to say it, but she did not want to ruin his father’s happiness.
     "Congratulations, my dear." Said the oldest and the squad 1 captain of Gotei 13, or also called the 13 Court Guard Squads. His name is Genryusai Shigenku Yamamoto. His appearance may be old with a long white beard that extends down to his knees, and wrinkly skin but he happens to be the strongest captain of all.
     "Thank you, Oji-sama." Yukiko bows down with respect. ‘oji’ means grandfather in Japanese. Let me tell you a little something about the past. When the General, ‘Oji-sama’, Genryusai Yamamoto was a teacher at the academy, he personally instructed Shunsui Kyoraku which is the 8th squad captain and Joushiro Ukitake which is Yukiko’s father and the 13th squad captain, he was rather proud of the two of them. When they became captains, he boasted about them as though they were his sons.

     "So oto-san, oji-sama, what squad am I going to be in?"
     "Yes, we have decided." said Yukiko’s father.
     "You are going to be in 2nd Squad with captain Soi-Fon. You will be her Vice-captain for now." Said Yukiko’s Oji-sama.
     "That’s good then!" Yukiko stood up and forced herself to smile. She did not wish to be in another squad, she wishes to be with the one she has love interest in. 
     "So who’s the lucky girl?" a voice echoed across the meeting room. A voice a bit strict and serious. Yukiko turns her whole body to face the female. Yukiko snickered at the captain, but then stopped with her rudeness. She is relatively short and a petite woman. She has gray eyes and black hair. Her hair is worn short with two long braids bound in white cloth in each ending in a large golden ring. She wears the traditional Shinigami Captain white and sleeveless haori .
     Well at least it she has a small thing to laugh about when she’s in the squad. It could have been worse. Good thing she wasn’t in the 8th squad or the 10 or 11… or 9."Wait I forgot, what happened to the previous captain? Yoruichi-chan? She was my best friend."
     "What happened was she left along with some other captains and few vice captains who were expelled from Soul Society. But she was not expelled, it was her wish to come along," Explained captain Soi-Fon.
     "Who were those captains she was with? Why were they expelled?" I asked with worry.
     "Those Captains and vice-captains were: Hirako Shinji,
Rôjûrô Otoribashi, Mashiro Kuna, Love Aikawa, Hiyori Sarugaki, Lisa Yadômaru, Hachigen Ushôda, and Kensei Muguruma. They were expelled because they tried to acquire Hollow powers through forbidden methods." Yukiko’s eyes widened as captain Soi-Fon continued her explanation.
     "That’s just a horrible thing." Yukiko’s father added. "The new captains were already chosen and have passed the Captain Proficiency Test. They will be filling those openings."
     Her best friend… went along with some law breakers. But she knew it was for some good reason she came along. How Yukiko is going to miss watch Byakuya-bo, which Yukiko nicknamed him, and get’s teased by Yoruichi. When Byakuya-bo and Yoruichi fights or plays, what Yukiko thinks they were doing, she watches over them by sitting on top of the room doing some a bit of homework and watching at the same time for some entertainment she needs. But when Byakuya gets hurt, she immediately calls out "That’s it!" or "Stop what you’re doing, that’s enough!" Then, Yukiko would make Byakuya sit at a shade and treats his wounds and/or bruises.
     Yukiko bows down respectfully to her captain. "Yes. Thank you very much for telling me the important news that I have missed captain Soi-Fon."
     "You’re very welcome." Her voice wasn’t strict and serious when she spoke. It was kind, gentle, and caring like the sound of her mother’s voice that she missed.
     "Oh yes, I have to leave for now." She hurriedly rushes towards the exit. "Wait!" She stop and turns her back. Her new captain gave her new vice-captain badge. Yukiko tied and wrapped it around her right arm. "Thank you! Bye!" She leaves in a blink, not want to wait any longer because she has a few friends and a passed away mother who wants to hear good news.
     Yukiko looks around as she ran and stopped at the front of the big building with a big symbol written in blank ink or paint that says "・ワ
", but in English it says "Five". That’s her first stop, to go and tell one of her closest friends the news. Yukiko enters the big gate it had, passed the many hallways, and stops at the big double brown doors. She lifts her right hand and gently knocks 2 times at the door. "Come in."
     Yukiko enters the room. She walks towards at the center table with a comfy chair, paperwork on top of the desk, and a writing utensil used for signing or writing on the paper. "Hmm… where are you Sosuke?" she turns her head left to right. No sight of him. Suddenly, she felt a presence or spiritual of another person in the room. She was sure it wasn’t Sosuke because he has a stronger one.
     "Boo!" someone shouted as the person leaped out under the desk. This person was a ‘he’. He has unusual silver hair, his eyes are constantly narrowed to slits, and has a wide mocking smile. He wears a shinigami uniform with a badge tied to his left arm. Yukiko looked at Gin and gazed with no expression on her face. "I’m sorry to disappoint you Gin but… it did scare me one bit." Yukiko said in a straight and forward tone.
     "Aww… but I thought it would work. I’ve always enjoy teasing you." He said as he sat with his legs hanging at the side of desk. "I know and it never works but… don’t you ever give up?"
     "Nope. I don’t want to give up especially you."
   She releases a sigh, "I told you, I know you like me but… I don’t believe I’m ready for you yet." His wide and mocking smile wiped off and replaced with a frown. "You like someone else don’t you?" he said.
     Yukiko stopped breathing for a second and silence around the room took over. She wasn’t sure what to say because if she says ‘I love Sosuke’, then that would ruin their friendship. Yukiko opens her mouth and about to speak yet, she was interrupted by someone’s footsteps.
     Gin looks up and Yukiko turns to see his dear friend Sosuke Aizen still with his messy brown hair, his squared eye glasses, a smile, and his shinigami uniform. But something different ruined his image. The color of white haori covered his black shinigami uniform.
     Sosuke began to speak. "Hello Yukiko-chan…" he smiles at Yukiko and tilts his head to glare at the man who is behind her, "…Gin, please a table isn’t a chair."
     "Whoops! Sorry taichou!" Gin jumps high and lands behind Sosuke.
     "W-wait, you’re a captain now?" Yukiko asks. Sosuke closes his eyes and nods.

      "Yes. Hirako Shinji was expelled and I’m now the new captain of Squad 5. Of course, Gin is now my vice-captain," Sosuke stops for a moment and looks at the badge that was attached on her right arm, "I see you’re Soi-Fon taichou’s new vice-captain."
     "Yes! I was so surprised that I get to graduate early and became a vice-captain in such a short time, thanks to you Sosuke for helping me with calligraphy." Yukiko runs towards and gives him a big friendly hug. Sosuke was surprised and was almost out of balance, but he regained himself and gladly hugs back.
      Both of them completely ignored Gin and didn’t see his expression. The expression of his face was mixed with surprised and sadness. Gin has his mouth shut and kept himself silent, the moment the both were hugging. He has now found out the man Yukiko has love interest in.
     Yukiko and Sosuke separated themselves. "Well, I will be leaving now. Congratulations Sosuke taichou and Gin fuko-taichou."
     "Congratulations too, Yukiko-chan." Said Sosuke.
     "Congrats Yuki-chaan." Said Gin as he waved his right hand; revealing now his mocking smile.
     "Bye!" Yukiko flash steps and disappears, going to her next stop. The first word that came in her mind was ‘Byakuya-bo’, so Yukiko flash steps and stops at the 6th Division or Squad as I forgot to mention. Yukiko jumps over the blocked walls as she usually does when she comes over to watch at Byakuya and Yoruichi.

Yukiko stays and stands on top of the roof of the division. "Byakuya-bo!!" Yukiko shouts.

"I told you to stop calling me that already." Yukiko looks down and jumps off the roof. She safely lands on the grassy ground and faces Byakuya.

Byakuya Kuchiki has slate grey eyes, and long black hair, which keeps his up in intricate white headpieces called kenseikan that symbolize his nobility as the head of the Kuchiki family, one on top of his head and another on the right side. He wears the standard captain uniform along with a white and silky scarf wrapped and rested around his neck. "You’re a captain too?" Yukiko pouts.

"Yes I am, as you know that I was next in line." He says.

"You’ve really changed now haven’t you since Yoruichi isn’t around here anymore." "How I miss her already."

"I do not wish to hear her name be spoken anymore. That is the past."

"Al right I understand…" Yukiko pauses and continues, "oh yeah, I have good news too. I am now the new vice-captain of Squad 2, of course Soi-Fon is now the new Captain."

"That’s great news then, Yukiko-san."

"Yes it is."

"Yukiko-san," Byakuya pauses.

"What is it?"

"Thank you very much for healing wounds back then. If it hasn’t been treated quickly, those wounds would leave scars all over my body." Byakuya continued as he formed a small smile on his lips.

"Oh it’s no problem, besides, I don’t want you getting hurt. You’re the first friend I’ve ever had." It was true. Byakuya Kuchiki was her first friend she met in Soul Society and when her adoptive father introduced him. Then Sosuke Aizen came after him, then Gin was the third when Sosuke introduced him. "I have to leave now Byakuya-kun! Bye!" Yukiko flash steps and left.

"Oh that’s right, Unohana-taichou, Rangiku, Nanao, Hisana-chan, Mashiro-kun, Rukia-chan, and Mom!" Yukiko happily flash steps to each division or place telling the good news about her getting the spot.

Yukiko finally said to everyone she knew the good news in Soul Society. Now, she must tell her mother now the good news. So, Yukiko flash steps out of Soul Society and into the forest where her mother’s funeral. When she stops and sees the place, it was just the same as it was before. Evergreen grass, colorful flowers are blooming profusely, and the green willow tree, which was her mother’s final resting place.

She sits down on the grass as it made rustling noise and faces her mother’s grave. "Hello Mom. How are you? I know that I haven’t been talking for you in a while because of school. Oh yeah, oto-san is really a great and caring father, but he has tuberculosis. He’s sick but he’s trying to keep himself up. Also, I now have grandfather but he’s very powerful. Also, I’ve already made a lot of friends! They are fun to be with, especially to these special three men that I like," she pauses for a minute and soft breeze made her long hair dance along.

"These three men are my very first friends. One of them has already confessed but… I gently rejected him… I don’t know if it was a good idea but, I believe I hurt his feelings. These other two men, I haven’t confessed or neither of them did but… I don’t know what to do…" she looks down at the grass, swaying back and forth along with the breeze. She sniffled and tears started coming out of her eyes. "I… I wish you were here mom. I-if you’re here, you would know what’s best for me…" She stood there looking sad as the sun sets at the horizon, leaving her in the darkness…