Chapter 2: Getting to know her... - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Shinji’s POV
          When Yamamoto dismissed us, we started walking straight out of the meeting room. “Isn’t it surprising? Sakura-chan will finally return in 3 hours!” I recognized the voice I turned my face to the right. He has silver hair and wore his hair in a long pony tail, brown eyes, and wears a captain’s haori. It was the 13th Division captain, Joshiro Ukitake. “When she was around, she always make everything bloom. Nobody get‘s glum when she‘s around.” the 8th Division captain, Shunsui Kyoraku he commented with a smile on his lips and is holding a sake. “What else do you think?” I said in a normal straight tone. I kept walking straight out of the room along with my lieutenant and going back straight to my office. 
          I put my hands behind my head as it supports me like a pillow. “Who really is she taichou?” Aizen questioned and I sighed, “Sakura Kamimori, the 0th captain.” I responded back in a bored tone. “Could you please give a few more details about her?” I stopped walking and turned around to face Aizen. “Fine. I can give you a few details about her. But can we walk to my office first so I can sit down, drink some tea, and I can relax while I give your details about Sakura-chan. Okay?” Aizen nodded. I turned my back and kept walking. After a few walks passing the other divisions and hallways, I finally reached my office. I opened my door and entered. I stretched as I went to the kitchen to make some tea. But Aizen stopped me and insisted on doing it. I sat down on the couch and waited. After a few minutes, he came in the room with a tray on his hands that has 2 cups of hot tea on top. He set the tray down on the mini-table and we both grabbed a cup. Aizen sat down on the sofa and we both took a sip at the same time. I sighed with a smile on my lips. 
          “Okay, we have 2 hours and 50 minutes left. I guess I could tell some things I know about her.” I took another sip from my cup and put it back on the tray.
          “Well, Sakura Kamimori is the creator of the Soul Society also the 0th Captain. She and the old man are relatives. Except, she is the eldest. They were part of the royal family, but she was abandoned by the king. She was supposed to be next in line but the king does not want her to. She didn’t know the reason why either. When Sakura was kicked out, the General was willing to come along with her. He stayed with her. When she left, she build the Soul Society along with the General. No helpers only him and her. I met her when I was in my academy years don‘t know how long. Also with Shinsui, Joshiro, Unohana, and some early captains, we were trained personally by her. She predicted that we are going to be great captains one day because we achieved bankai at such young age. Years later after we became captains just as Sakura-chan predicted, she had dreamt of a war happening. The balance between worlds good and bad affecting. She didn’t have a good feeling about it, so she left, along with her 6 subordinates. All females. They may be 7 of them total, don’t underestimate them. Her subordinates all came from different dimensions and holds immense power. Years have passed since she left. She promised that she will come back at this date.”
          I stopped for a minute as I grabbed my cup and took a sip. “Before you could continue, what is that war?” Aizen asked “What we call them now, the monsters that devour souls… Hollows.” I looked at my cup, drank the rest of it, and returned it back at the tray, empty. “Aah. That’s all I could tell you. I think that lasted for 30 minutes so that leaves us… 2 hours and 20 minutes. I'm going to take a nap okay. Wake me up when it's time.” I yawned and stood up from the couch. I left Aizen in my office after we finished that long conversation. I headed straight to my room to have my nap…
          'I just hope she will come back alive...'

Aizen’s POV  
          My captain left to take a nap to his room. I was sitting alone in the silent office. I returned the tray back to the kitchen and headed my way to the squad’s garden. On the way there, I grabbed a book in my room that was on my bed. I finally reached the garden. It was always an amazing sight each spring. Cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers. I went closer to a cherry blossom tree. A sudden breeze came as it whooshed the branches and the cherry blossom got disconnected from the tree. The breeze calmed. I lifted my hand up as the flower softly landed on my palm. “Her name is similar to a flower…Sakura.” “Her name really IS the same as the cherry blossoms ne, Aizen-sama .” I turned my head to face a small kid, silver hair, and with sinister smile on his face. 
         “Gin. Why are you here? You’re supposed to be in training.” with an impatient look on my face. “Gomenesai, Aizen-sama demo… I was wondering who was that you said her name was ‘Sakura’.” Gin said putting air quotes around the word. He folded his arms and wondered. I sighed and went close to him with a bit of distance. I lowered myself to his height and put my right hand on his left shoulder. “I'll introduce you to her if I have a chance to meet her.” I smiled as I gave him a pat on the back and turned around to walk to the cherry tree. I sat under the tree and admire the cherry blossoms. “Souka. She must be an interesting person to meet. Oh well! I must return then to my training Aizen-sama. Bye Bye!” Gin left still with a smile on his face, leaving me peace and quiet alone with the cherry blossoms. 

          I opened the book that I was about to read. I found it from the main library. The book didn’t have the author written on the front. The book's front cover was plain. The front cover only contained the title, King's Seal.  It contains the most important information about the ‘King’s Seal’ the ingredients I need to be able to stand with the gods. 'That is what I desire.' I started reading the book. Some of the pages were torn off. The letters were handwriten, but it was legible enough to be able to read it. Line by line, page by page. Every single sentence and words are like a important memories that must never be forgotten. I was reading in a central point of a sentence. There, a sudden strong breeze came that it made the trees sway like arms and as the pages of the book flipped and flipped forward. I lost the place where I was in. I panicked. I flipped back the pages. The figure out where I left on. The strong breeze slowly softened like as it if was whispering on my ears. As I kept on flipping back, I found a small piece of torn paper that was somewhat been used like a bookmark. I lifted it up and flipped the paper. Something was written on the small paper. “Written by: Sakura Kamimori. She wrote this book?“ my eyes widened as I read her name. But I returned my expression to normal. "If she didn't wrote this book, I wouldn't have the information I need... She would be helpful if she agrees to come with me." I sighed and returned the paper back to where it belongs to and closed the book.
          “Time must have passed. I must awaken the captain. I got up from my sitting position. I walked back to my room to return the book back on my bed. I shunpo’d straight to my captains room. I slided is door as it slammed against the wall making my captain jump from his bed and fall off. “Crap!” my captain said as he rubbed his head with his hand. “I’m sorry captain. We’ll be late for her arrival.” I helped him get up. He nodded and we shunpo’d straight to the gate.