Chapter 4: Appropriate Morning... - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Next Morning
Sakura’s POV
          I was still in a deep slumber. I felt warmth on my body. I opened my eyes slowly. It was the suns rays shone on me from the window. I’m an early riser… sometimes. I smile crept slowly at my face. I looked at myself. My clothes were change to a silky white night gown. And bandages covered my body. I looked around the room seeing furnitures. “I see your awake Sakura-sama. How was your sleep?” I couldn’t tell the voice. I tilted my head at the door. “Unohana-chan! How are you doing?! Long time no see!” I went out of bed and rushed to Unohana-chan. I gave her a big hug. We both are the same height. “I missed you Sakura-sama.” she hugged me back. A small anger vein popped out of my head. “Unohana-chan, I told you to stop calling me that since you also told me to call you ‘Unohana-chan’ remember?” I said as I was trying to control my angered voice. We both un-hugged. “Oh yes. I almost forgot, you better drink your potion.” She gave me a small bottle that contained a lavender colored liquid. I opened the cap and drank the whole thing. It made me full since it contains such strong vitamins, protiens, etc. “I want to ask you something Unohana-chan.” I looked at her as I gave her the small bottle. “What is it?”
          “Well, when I fainted, someone caught me. I don’t know what's his name, I've seen his face… And I want to thank him!” a small blush appeared on my face. “I see. It was Sosuke Aizen. Lieutenant of the 5th Divison.” she said. “Okay. I should take a shower first before meeting him. Since, I need to refresh myself.” I headed the bathroom at while Unohana-chan left my bedroom.
          I took off my clothes and bandages that covered my body like I was mummified. I headed to the shower. I turned the knob and warm water came out and fogged the glass that covered the shower. The water sprinkled and the water made me wet. The liquid flowed down my body and went straight down to the drain. “That’s really refreshing.” I let out a soft sigh. ‘So, Sakura-sama, are you excited to meet him?’ a sly voice shot me. It was my zanpakuto Kaen Oujo (fire princess) spoke to me inside my head. She‘s just the a total slut manipulating men. I hate that about her. I mean, she‘s a princess and princesses should be kind, sweet, and loving... Although, she’s different. ‘Of course! Why shouldn’t I? He caught me before I could fall of the ground. I don’t know a good way to repay him…’ I responed back. In thought form though. ‘Do you want me to take over while? I could be a big help. Besides, I got a great idea to repay him back.’ my eyes widened and I already know what she is thinking. ‘You wouldn’t dare!’ I growled. ‘Just watch me.’ she said back as her voice faded away in my thoughts. “I should better watch out for her. She can control me anytime she wants! Sometimes, I just don‘t like what she does.” I grumbled. ‘I heard that!‘ she said again her voice re-appearing but then she faded again.
          I ignored what she said and continued what I was supposed to do. I soaped my body every other parts and rinsed. After I finished my business in the shower, I went out and dried myself with a towel. I noticed something missing… Somewhat… important. “Uh oh. I forgot my clothes! I can’t get out of my bedroom in a wrapped towel!” I mumbled, softly. I went out of the bathroom, stomping my feet hard and lazily laid on my bed. I was still wrapped in my towel, a bit wet, and in a bad mood. I was there staring at the ceiling and waited.

Unohana’s POV
I rummaged in my closet at my room. “Now, where are her clothes?” I wondered still searching at my closet and drawers. “Are you looking for Sakura-chan’s clothes Unohana-taichou?” I turned around. It was my lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu. Both of her hands, She held a nice red and white kimono nicely folded. “Whew. Thank you, Isane.” She just saved my life. Isane-fuko taichou found Sakura-chan’s favorite kimono clothing. She handed me that kimono. I smiled softly at Isane. “Since Sakura-chan came back home, I thought I should wash her clothes since… you know… It’s her favorite clothing.” she bowed and left my room. I fixed my messy room since I rummaged, searching for Sakura-chan’s clothing but I was an expeditious person. When I finally finished cleaning up my messy room. I headed to the 1st Division’s barracks and to Sakura-chan’s room.
          I was walking down the hallways when I just happened to came across Sousuke Aizen. Standing in front of Sakura-chan‘s door. “Aizen-fuko taichou.” He turned around to face me. “Unohana-taichou, do you need of any assistance?” he asked me kindly. “Yes. Would you kindly please give this to Sakura-chan?” I handed Aizen-fuko taichou Sakura’s clothes. “I have some errands to do. I must leave. Also, she was also looking forward of meeting you. So, this would be a very good chance.” I smiled. “Ja ne fuko-taichou.” I shunpo’d out of sight and leaving the fuko-taichou and giggled. That was a good excuse.

Aizen’s POV
          I sighed. I looked at the clothes the Captain gave me. I knocked at the double door twice and stood back a few feet. “Who is it?” Sakura shouted since there’s a door blocking the sound waves. “It’s Sousuke Aizen. Unohana-taichou left because she had a few errands to do. I have your clothes!“ I shouted back, but not too loud. I heard a few thuds. She slowly opened the door and quickly pulled me in. I looked at her. She had her hair a bit dripping wet and she was still wrapped in a white towel. “Gomenesai Aizen-fuko taichou. I just don’t want to be seen naked while outside.” she had a soft smile appeared on her face. “How did you know my name?” I asked her. “Well, Unohana-fuko taichou told me your name.” she giggled. “I see. Also, you can just call me Sosuke. Here’s your clothes.” I handed her the nicely folded clothes. “Thank you Aizen-fuko-- I mean, Sosuke-kun! I‘ll be able to Thank you properly as soon as I was clothed. Also, please sit. Make yourself comfortable” She offered me. She took the clothes and ran to the bathroom. I sat down at the sofa. I waited a few minutes. She came out dressed and fixed. Her hair was brushed. She was wearing a red and white kimono somewhat a priestess usually wears. She had long sleeved and her chest was a bit exposed. My eyes widened but I turned it to a soft one. “You look beautiful Sakura-chan.” I commented at her. I saw a small blush appeared on her face. “Really?! Thank you. This is actually my favorite kimono. I made it myself.” Sakura said. “Would you like some tea?” she offered me. I nodded. She rushed toward to a rounded table and grabbed 2 cups of green tea.

Sakura’s POV
I grabbed the 2 cups on the table, I rushed towards Sosuke-kun. I tripped and lost balance. I dropped the 2 cups as it crashed on the wooden floor spilling tea. But then again, I didn’t feel hitting the floor. A strong arm caught me by my waist. I looked at Sosuke. “Are you all right Sakura-chan?”
          “Yes I’m all right.” Sosuke-kun un-handed me. I walked toward my bed. A sudden shot of pain came from my ankle. “Itai!” I lost my balance but Sosuke caught me again. “Thank y-- Itai!” I winced in pain as it came back. “It seems you twisted your ankle Sakura-chan. Let me help you.” Aizen carried me bridal style towards the bed. He sat down beside me. “Thank you again Sosuke-kun.” “It’s alright.” A smile crept on Sosuke’s lips. I smiled back. I felt a strange feeling tingling inside my body. Sosuke-kun made a move. He leaned on to me closer, closer, and closer that our lips almost touched. My body froze and stiffened as I felt Sosuke-kuns heat that‘s coming from his body. ‘Plan worked! I’ll be taking over now.’ she said with an amused voice. She pushed my soul back. My body was in chained as she took over my body. ‘Oh no! She left me off guard’ I said in thought. I struggled through the chains but it was no use. She took over again.

Kaen Oujo’s POV
Now that Sakura-sama’s out of the way, now it’s my turn. That was a good plan. Fake tripping! Works everytime. I gave back what Aizen Sosuke wanted. I leaned to Sosuke as I straddled at Sosuke’s waist. I gripped his shoulders. I looked deep into Sosuke’s eyes full of lust. Without notice, he crashed his lips to mines. But I gladly kissed him back. Our tongues fought but Sosuke won for dominance. He explored every inch of my mouth. When he finished exploring my mouth, he went exploring my neck, kissing as he left butterflies. He bit my weak spot as I moaned in pleasure. I tried to pull away but he held me tight by waist. I smirked at him as he continued kissing me going down. Soft moans came from my lips as he kept nipping, biting, kissing my breasts when he undid my ribbon that held my kimono. “I believe your… enjoying… this don’t you?” I asked him between my moans. A small chuckle came from Aizen-sama's lips. He bit my nipple of my left breast showing and telling me that he enjoyed it. ’I already had enough fun. ‘I’ll let you taking over now Sakura-sama. You’ll have your fun next time… With me disturbing.’ I un-chained her as I pushed her soul forward and finally took control of her own body.

Sakura’s POV
I finally got out of that torture. Once I got back, I felt something warm inserted in my womanhood. It was Sosuke-kun inserted 2 fingers. ‘It... Hurts!’ I moaned loudly as he kept his finger pumping in and out in my womanhood. “Sosuke-kun… please… stop it….that would… be enough!” I said in between my moans. “I.. beg.. Of you!” I finally said it. He removed his finger out. I fixed my clothes and stood up. Sosuke-kun hugged me from behind by my waist as he laid his head on my right shoulder. “I think that’s a good repayment for saving me…” I smiled as I folded my hands in front of my chest. “I think it was… Shall we do it another time?” Sosuke-kun slyly asked me. “Of course but not at daylight.” Sosuke-kun chuckled lightly. “All right.” “Now, can you un-hand me? I don‘t want anyone seeing us like this.” Sosuke-kun un-handed me and stood beside me.
          A knock came from the door. “Come in!” I said loudly and the door opened. It revealed two men. I gasped, “Yamamoto-kun!” I rushed happily towards my cousin, which I didn’t trip this time. I gave him a big hug but I did not tackle him. “How are you doing Sakura-sama?” when he said the ‘sama’ part it angered me. A vein popped out of my head but I tried to control my temper. “I’m good actually how‘s everything doing in the Soul Society taichou?” I asked with a smile on my face. “Everything’s fine. I just want to check on you. I heard a sounds coming from your room and I thought something was wrong.” when he said the ‘sounds coming from your room’ made me blush. “Oh umm.. Etto… Can I talk to you later Yamamoto-kun? I have to see my other friends so umm… I’ll just borrow Sosuke-kun.” I rushed back towards Sosuke hugged him. “Ja ne!” I said good bye to Yamamoto and shunpo’d somewhere with me and Sosuke.

Yamomoto’s POV
          I chuckled as Sakura-sama and Sosuke-fuko taichou shunpo’d and left. “Sometimes, I cannot understand her. She sometimes curious me...” I let out a small chuckle and left Sakura-sama’s room