Chapter 6: 50 Years Later, 50 Years Now - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

50 Years Later
Sakura’s POV
          I had another vision of the future. A new 10th Captain of the Gotei 13. I went into the Academy along with the new 5th Captain, Sosuke-kun to accompany me! I was so glad that he became the new captain. It’s been fifty years since I have known him. Somehow in the pit of my stomach. I have developed feelings for him. I didn’t know what happened to Yoruichi-chan, Kisuke-kun, Shinji-kun and some other Captains and lieutenants they were somehow banished from Soul Society ever since after the days I have arrived.
I arrived the classroom the same that I had in my dream. When Sosuke-kun and I entered the room, the room got silent and serene. It's been a long time since I have seen little ones. “S-s-Sakura-sama, Aizen-taichou! We didn’t know you would be visiting today!” The sensei bowed. “It’s all right Sensei-kun. I would just like to talk to one of your students. Also, no need for formalities.” he got back to his standing position. “All right then Sakura-sama, which one do you need to talk to?” The sensei asked me. I tried to look around the room. Looking for an odd one. “Etto… shiro-chan!” I pointed to the white haired kid. “Ah Souka, Toshiro Hitsugaya, please come forward.” The sensei said. Shiro-chan stood up from his sitting position and moved forward in front of the class. “What is it you need me for Sakura-sama?” the kid bowed. “Sensei-kun, is it all right if I may borrow him for the whole day? If he missed any assignments, please excuse him. This is an important discussion about his future.” I said with a smile. Everyone in the room started small social conversations. “All right then. You’re excused Toshiro.”
          “Hai sensei.” the kid stood up. “Toshiro-kun, please follow me. Can you use shunpo?” I asked him. “Yes. I have already mastered my shunpo.” He said. “Well then, Toshiro-kun, Sosuke-kun, please follow my lead.” They both nodded and shunpo’d out of the classroom and out of the Academy.
          We stopped at a small nearby lake not too far from the Sereitei. I sighed and turned around to face the two men that followed me to the lake. “Toshiro-kun, do you have your zanpakuto with you?” I asked him. He nodded lightly. I walked towards the lake. I slowly floated onto the water as I walked into the center point of the lake. “Toshiro-kun I already know that you have achieved your shikai. You can freeze the lake if you want to. You are here to be tested."

Toshiro’s POV
          I nodded. I un-sheathed my sword. I raised my sword up in the air.“Soten ni saze (Reign over the frozen heavens), Hyorinmaru (Ice Ring)!!!” I shouted. The sky darkened. My sword changed. At the end of my sword, it has a crescent-shaped blade attached to its hilt by a long metal chain. I released Hyorinmaru and the ice dragon came from the sky. The ice landed on the lake which made it froze. “Much better. This won't be but a moment.” Sakura-sama said with a smirk. I shunpo’d towards her with an instant, I slashed my sword at her. But it didn’t came. She easily blocked my blade with one finger. She pushed me feet away. She raised pointed a finger at me. Small shards of ice floated sorrounding her. 
          “Attack.” Sakura-sama whispered. The small shards of ice that surrounded her, swiftly moved towards me. “Aaah!!” I screamed. The ice shard stabbed me all over my body. Crimson red liquid oozed out of my body. The attacking stopped. I wheezed, panted, like an old man. Once again, an evil smirk crept from Sakura-sama’s lips. “Are you giving up yet?” she asked me. “I shall not give up!” Rage filled me. “Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru (Grand Crimson Lotus Ring)!” I shouted. A pair of ice wings embedded on my back. “I… have achieved bankai…” I was surprised at first. I didn’t know I actually have released my bankai. I stood there frozen in shock at myself. Almost my body covered in ice. “Heh. You were only a few steps away from your bankai. So I helped you achieved it. But you did everything from the beginning.” Sakura-sama said as she came on forward toward me. She gave me a hug. My face heated a little. “All you gotta do is practice and practice your bankai. Also, good luck on passing on your exam.” She gave me a pat on the back. “Now, why don’t you come along with me back at my room. I might be able to heal your wounds.”
          “H-hai Sakura-sama” I bowed. A small giggle came from Sakura-sama. “You don’t have to use formalities. You can just call me Sakura.” She smiled and I smiled back. “Oh yeah. I forgot to introduce you to someone. She led me to a captain she came with. “His name is Sosuke Aizen. Captain of the 5th Division. Also, I’m the 0th Captain. Although, I don’t have my subordinates. They returned back to their own dimensions. But I’m all right with that.” she smiled once again. ‘They say that her smile makes everything bloom…I guess it’s true.’ I thought and a smile crept on my face. We walked and went straight to Sakura-sama’s room.