Chapter 7: 50 Years Later, 50 Years Now; Part 2 - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

48 Years Later
Aizen’s POV

          I was in my office sitting in my office and doing paper work. It’s been 98 years since Sakura-chan has returned to the Soul Society. A lot of things have changed throughout the years. I am now 5th Division captain. Momo Hinamori is my fuko-taichou and Sakura-chan wanted to be my 3rd seat. I gladly gave it to her and she still wore her haori. She was still beautiful as a cherry blossom. She was always there with me. Her smile and her beauty. I am going to propose to today at the nearby lake along with some captains and lieutenants.

Momo’s POV
          There I was, doing paperwork helping my taichou. My hands soared and ached in pain. I have been doing paper work for hours! But the pain doesn’t really bother me. Aizen-taichou is there. Sometimes, he stops writing for a minute to close his eyes and relax. Today is also the day Aizen-taichou is going to propose to Sakura-chan! But don't know when or where it's going to be held. But he said he will today. 
          “KNOCK! KNOCK!” a voice came through the door. “Come in.” my taichou said. The door opened and Sakura-chan came with a wheelbarrow filled with stacked papers. “I have finished Aizen-taichou.” Sakura-chan said. She motioned forward to Aizen-taichou. “Wow! You’re fast Sakura-chan!” I rushed towards her near my captain’s desk. “It’s really no worries for me. It’s just like doing assignments back in the world of the living.” She said. I was always impressed with Sakura-chan’s abilities. She is the 0th Captain after all. She just wanted to stay and remain to be a 3rd seat in Aizen-taichou. “Excellent Sakura-chan. Momo, would you like to take a break with us?” Aizen taichou asked. “S-sure Aizen-taichou!” Aizen-taichou motioned towards me and gave me a pat on the head as Sakura-chan followed Aizen-taichou. I came along with them.

          We passed through the forest that was outside the Sereitei and stopped at a nearby lake. The lake glistened as the sun shot it’s rays on it. The lake was surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms. “Sakura-chan! This is soo beautiful!” I commented and admired the view. “I know. This is where I trained Toshiro-kun achieve his bankai along with Aizen-taichou. Did Toshiro-kun tell you about that?” Sakura-chan asked me and I shook. “Since now that he’s a captain, he’s been very busy.” I muttered softly. I lowered my head down.
          “It’s all right Momo-chan! Cheer up why don’t you? Sosuke-kun invited a few people.” She pointed at a cherry blossom tree and I looked. I saw small figures from distance. “Hey Momo! We’re waiting here!” I heard a faint voice. “Shiro-chan!” I rushed toward the cherry tree and tackled Shiro-chan. “I’m soo happy you’re here Shiro-chan! Did you come here to take a break too?” I asked as I helped him get up. “Yeah along with Rangiku, Joshiro-taichou, Shunsui-taichou, Ichimaru-taichou and their lieutenants. They said they’re in the mood for some sake and relaxing.” Shiro-chan muttered as he folded his arms. They set up some food and drinks. It was a great idea Sakura-chan.

Sakura’s POV
“Did you like my idea Sosuke-kun? Just winding down a bit and relax.” I said softly as I leaned my head on Sosuke-kun’s chest. Sosuke-kun pulled my closer and kissed my forehead. I giggled. “What’s so funny Sakura-chan?” Sosuke-kun asked as I stopped my giggling. “You know I was just wondering, all these years, I have never seen you without your glasses.” I said softly. The wind spoke in the atmosphere. “Shall we join them?” I asked Sosuke-kun. He nodded. I grabbed his right hand and pull it. “Sakura-chan, how are you doing? Aizen-taichou?” Joshiro-kun asked. I smiled. “I’m fine actually ne, Sosuke-kun.” I turned around to face him. He took my hand and softly rubbed it. “Is there something wrong Sosuke-kun?” I asked but he remained silent. He sighed deeply. “Sakura-chan, I have known you for these years. Your smile and beauty made me have this feelings…” Sosuke-kun kneeled in front of me as he held my hand.
          “…Sakura-chan, will you marry me?” The words froze my like ice. I couldn’t move. My heart skipped a beat. I can’t think properly. He looked my deeply in the eyes. I sighed and an ear to ear smile came to me. “Of course Sosuke-kun. I have been waiting for you to ask me.” He stood up and gave me soft kiss on my lips. Everyone cheered. We broke apart but Sosuke-kun still held me by my waist. “You guys knew about this?” I asked them. They all laughed. “Yes we did Sakura-chan. We didn’t want to ruin the surprise! He planned out this whole thing of coming here! Now everyone, let’s drink!” Shunsui-kun said and grabbed a bottle of sake. Sosuke-kun and I sat down on the soft grass and a small breeze came.
I thought of something forgotten. “Did everyone, the whole Soul Society knew about this happening?” I asked Joshiro-kun. “Yes. Even the General knew about this.” I blushed. “The rumors have been spreading since Aizen-taichou told about this news.” Rangiku said as she drank sake. I blushed deeply. “It’s all right Sakura-chan. Now, I don’t have to hide my feelings to you anymore.” Sosuke-kun said as he placed another kiss on my forehead. I took a deep breath and began to sing.
I want happiness
I seek happiness
To cause happiness
To be your happiness
So take me
Someplace far away
To a true Elsewhere
Please take me there
Magic that lasts
Never-ending kiss

Reverie without break
Imperishable bliss
Take me
I want happiness
Birds sing
Song of unknown tongue
Though winged, they
Still fail to reach the sky
A place not to be treated alone
So take me
To a true Elsewhere
Wet feathers,
Locked fingers,
Melting flesh,
Fusing minds
Take me
I want happiness
Not your past
But your present is what I seek,
Carefully winding back it’s fragile thread
Please take me there
I want happiness…

          My song ended. The wind calmed. “That was beautiful Sakura-chan…” Momo said as she broke the after silence. “Thank you Momo-chan. I promised myself. I want happiness, never ending kiss, I’ll go wherever my love goes. I’ll accept what my love is.” I said.
          We enjoyed the rest of the day at the nearby lake. I did not drink sake and neither did Sosuke-kun, Momo-chan, and Toshiro-kun. I enjoyed to be in Sosuke-kun’s arms, he enjoyed to be me in his arms. A true fairy tale, a wish that a princess or what queens or goddesses want. To find their true love.

Aizen’s POV After the celebtration
          The celebration have ended. The sun has set. They all returned to their squads. Momo and Sakura-chan already fell asleep. “So Aizen-sama, shall the plan be continued?” Tosen bowed. “Yes. We shall bring along with a certain goddess…” I smirked. “I just hope that she would truly accept who you are Aizen-sama. Just like what she said this morning.” Gin said sounding amused and hiding in the darkness. I chuckled. ‘Truly hope so, Gin.”

2 Years have Passed
Sakura's POV

          Sosuke-kun and I have gotten married. It was the greatest thing of my life. Also the funniest one. Yachiru was the flower girl. Yamamoto-kun was the priest. I was trying to hold back my laugh and I did. But I let it all out after the wedding. It was also my first time wearing a clothing for weddings. Everyone drank but I didn't. Never tried one in my whole life and never. Unless really needed in a situation.