Chapter 9: The New Sosuke Aizen, A Night to Remember - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Sakura's POV
I opened my eyes. It revealed a white room. White furniture, a white queen sized bed I was laying on, white everything! There was a large balcony at my left revealing a white, dull desert. Small trees yet no leaves grew on the desert. The crescent moon glowed the dim night. 
It seems a dull place to live in. How can there be someone living in as dull as a place like this? Yet somehow, the moon makes everything so serene. This place reminds me… I couldn’t describe the details, but I have a feeling deep inside me that I have been here before.
          After the hours of my execution, I was still alive. Someone saved my life. I looked closely at my self and ran to a circular mirror about my height. My hair was tied up by white ribbon. I wore a white, Chinese dress. I felt warm wind whispered. It revealed my right thigh. I wore black stocking wore with diamond like patterns and wore a white high heeled sandals. It was the same clothing I wore in my arrival. Except the other one was torn and was forest green. “I see you have awaken, my goddess…” a soft kind voice came. I jumped out of bed. I revealed my zanpakuto out of thin air. I took my fighting position. “It’s all right Sakura-chan. It’s just me..” the voice came from behind and held me by my waist. I turned myself still being held by his arms. I took away my zanpakuto. He has brown hair with a small strand of it in front of his face. He also has brown eyes. A menacing one. He was also wearing white. I caressed his face. He looked somehow familiar.. Someone important to me. “Are you Sosuke-kun?…” I took off my hand from his face. “You have guessed corrected Sakura-chan.” He lifted my chin. Our faces are close together. My face heated yet I couldn’t help myself. I softly pressed my lips on his. I rested my arms on his shoulders. Did he hold back? No. He gave back the kiss. He held me tightly by my waist pulling me closer and deepening the passionate kiss. It lasted for a moment. We broke apart for the need of air.
“So that is what you look like when you take off you glasses.” I said.
          “You don’t like it?”
          “No, I love it.”
          Sosuke-kun walked towards a table. It revealed two silver glasses. He picked it up and brought it to me. “What is this?“ I asked him. “This is sake. I believe you have not tasted one of this before?“ I shook my head. “I already have tasted one before. But it was only once. Don’t know how many years before.” 
          “I believe you should give it another try Sakura-chan.“ he drank his sake without notice. I brought the glass closer to my face. A sweet aroma came from the sake. The glass touched my lips and soft flowing liquid went down in my throat. As the last drop of sake went down my throat, the glass hit the hard ground. The glass screamed as it shattered to thousands of pieces. 
          I felt 2 warm hands pressed against my chest. My body was pushed as my body landed on the white silky blanket of the bed that I had just fell asleep on. I felt Sosuke-kun’s body pressed on me. “What are you doing Sosuke-kun?” I asked softly and slyly. Somehow I felt dizzy, my head ached, my vision blurred a little. I but I tried to get a hold of myself. 
          “Do you remember the time, I went to your room a century ago?”
          “Yes I did. How could I forget it?” I spread my legs apart making him go closer to me. “Be one with me tonight. I will not be stopped this time.” he smirked evilly. 

          “Of course. You will not be stopped. This is another way for me to thank you.” my body moved by itself. I rested my arms around his shoulders to pull him close. I could feel his heart beat. His warmth.
          Without noticing, Sosuke-kun crashed his lips on to mines. When something happens like this, Kaen Oujo usually breaks through. But she didn’t. All of those troubles in my mind, I set it aside to focus and what I’m doing right now. I closed my eyes. I gladly gave back the lustful, passionate kiss. His kiss deepened. He bit my lower lip to be able to get an entrance. I denied it. He growled, and I smirked. He squeezed my right breast making me moan loudly. While my mouth was open, he got the chance to insert his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance and he won. He unzipped my Chinese dress. It revealed me without brassiere and only panties on making my face heat up. 

          “Your breast has gotten bigger Sakura.” He squeezed my left breast while sucking my right one. “Aaah!” I moaned and making me back arched. This time he smirked. In a good wau, I think. I stared into his eyes. Dark, desire, lust, passion is all I could read. He continued on sucking, biting, and licking my nipples. It wasn’t pain that I was feeling, it was something good. I couldn’t describe it. He stopped his business on my breast. He took off his top clothing revealing his sick pack. My face heated all the way. 
          “This is the first time you’ve seen me like this right?” I nodded without saying a word and my eyes closed.
          “You don’t have to be shy Sakura. This will be continued all night.” He whispered softly in my ear as I opened my eyes staring at him.
          He lowered his head and my legs spread apart. He slid the panties down to my legs and off. He rubbed two fingers in my womanhood. “Sakura, you are really wet.” He commented. Sosuke-kun took off his two fingers and he slowly moved closer to my womanhood. I felt something soft rubbing in my clitoris. It was his tongue. It was like he was eating me! But it feels soo good! It’s something amazing I had never felt before. I grabbed his head. A sign of craving for more. He licked it faster until he stopped. He moved himself on top of me again. He licked my mouth exploring every inch. I could almost taste myself. I was breathing heavily. My clothing was off. My body is exposed. It’s my turn.
          I pushed him making me squat on top of him. I traced his chest his muscles sexily. I lowered myself down. I pulled his pants down. It revealed his man part. But I try to hide my shyness away. I lowered myself down IT. I wrapped my fingers around his and slowly rubbed it up and down. I kissed the tip as I took the whole thing in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down sucking it like a lollipop. I could hear him moaning, breathing slightly heavier, and enjoying it with pleasure. I really want him to feel me. I bobbed my head up and down faster harder! Until he came. I could feel his seeds inside my mouth dripping.
          He got up and pushed me on the bed. Once again, he was on top of me. He sucked my breast once more and traced the curve of my waist. I could feel something in my womanhood as I spread my legs apart. Sosuke-kun was positioning himself. “Are you sure Sakura? There is no turning back.”
          I nodded. I want to feel him. Tonight is the night we are going to be one. He pumped himself in and out of me slowly. Waves of pain came to me. But after a moment, as Sosuke-kun kept pumping himself, the pain exchanged itself with extreme waves of pleasure. “Faster! Faster Sosuke-kun!” I begged him. He made himself faster as I came along with him. We both moved at a rhythmic form. He bit my neck making me bleed. He kept on thrusting faster and harder making both of us moan loudly. I could feel his muscles getting harder as I too. We climaxed at the same time. He released himself from me and lazily went beside me on the bed. Our breathing was heavy because we are exhausted of reaching to the end. He pulled me closer I could hear him breathe calmly. 
          “Yes. What is it?” I asked Sosuke-kun between my breathing.
          “I love you Sakura with my whole life.”
          “I love you to Sosuke-kun. Good Night.”
          “Good Night.”
          I was finally with him at last. This night is something to remember. Must never be forgotten. An important memory. I get to be the one I love.