My Goddess to be(Aizen Sousuke Love Story) Part 2 Chapter 12 - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story) Part 2

Sakura's POV
3 months Later.
          Sosuke-kun and the others are still gone. My stomachs already big. Still vomiting. Little by little. Hallibel was taking care and helping me while I’m having this child.
          I let out a big sigh. “Sakura-chan, you shouldn’t get depressed you know. Aizen-sama will be back soon and I know it.”
          Hallibel smiles. “Thanks for cheering me up! Do you want to help me name him/her?” I said as I was rubbing my stomach. 
“Okay umm… What about Akahana for a girl?” Hallibel suggests.
          “Sounds lovely. Means ‘red rose.‘ What about a boy?” I ask.
          “Well then… okay. I was think about ‘Ken’ means ‘born of fire’ sounds good?
          “It sounds amazing Hallibel! Both of them. I just hope Sousuke-kun would like the names.”
          BOOM! We heard. It alerted Hallibel and took out her sword. But I kept still and calm. The door broke open. The smoke disappeared. It revealed an old man. White haori. Long beard. “Yamamoto-kun!”   
“We have come to retrieve you Sakura-sama.” another voice I heard revealed, “Unohana-chan?” I was still sitting. But my fear took over.
“Where’s Sousuke-kun?” I them. Hallibel helped me to get up. None of them spoke. Mouths closed. None dared to speak. They looked at me straight no expression at all except for all the worries they had for me. “What happened to him?” I sounded more angry. “Please calm down Sakura-sama. You are carrying a child. It will be bad for the child’s development.” Unohana-chan says. She motions along with her vice-captain to help me out.
“We’ll talk about it later in Soul Society.” Yamamoto-kun says as he started walking.
           “Can I bring Hallibel-chan with me? I cannot leave her here.” I ask Yamamoto-kun as I looked at Hallibel-chan.
“I won’t bring destruction to Soul Society. My mission was to protect Sakura-chan.” Hallibel says. “Thank you.” I whispers to her. “You may. We must leave immediately.” We rushed but carefully walked out of the room. The door opened that leads to Soul Society. Did something happen to him? What’s happening? My heart waited for his arrival. I think I'll just ask later on with a situation like this...
Sorry it's pretty short.