Pt 2 Chapter 13: Erase - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story) Part 2

Joshiro’s POV
          The war was finally over. Time for a new beginning. Many lost their lives at the battle.
          I took a sip from my cup and exhaled. “It’s a new beginning isn’t it Shunsui-taichou?” I asked Shunsui.
          He covered his face with his straw hat (sakkat) land laid down on the chair. “Yep. Although, I wonder what would be her respond after what happened to Aizen.” He says still with his straw hat on his face. “I think it’s best not to know.” he continues.
          “I think we should go to the gate now. They should have returned.” I say. We got up from our break and headed towards to the gate.
Yamamoto’s POV
We have finally arrive at Soul Society along with my cousin and her espada. How could she hide such a secret? She was also a ruler of Hueco Mundo. Now I knew. The captains have waited for us. Some had surprised expression of their faces. Happy, angry, some still did not feel right that she should return. But she must. For she is the ruler of Soul Society. Higher than the Central 46 higher than the Soul King. I looked at her. Fell asleep and weakened along the way. She was now carrying a child. A child of a demon. We must annihilate that child. Previous memories could destroy her.
          Unohana-taichou and her vice-captain took her to the 4th division for Sakura-sama needs her rest. The 3rd Espada came along. She did not bring harm when she came. She aided Sakura-sama for months.
           I headed towards the 12th Division Barracks. “Ah! General Yamomoto. What can I do for you for today?” Kurotsuchi-taichou asks.
          “I have a request for you taichou.”
          “What is it?”
          “I need you to remove some Sakura-sama’s memories. Forgetting Aizen. For her being Queen of Hueco Mundo. Removing the child. And erasing the Espada‘s memories.”
          He rubbed his chin and think. “That would be tricky General. Removing specific memories can be very tricky. I‘ll have to atleast try. Nemu, I would like you to help me bring the machines required.” Nemu nods.
          “I shall be leaving now taichou.” I started walking out of the division and back to my office. “Do you really think that’s a good idea Yama-jii?” I looked at my right to and not bother moving, there was Shunsui Kyoraku taichou and Joushiro Ukitake taichou.
          “It’s for the best. She must forget about Aizen. I could not see her always being sad for the rest of her life. There is a meeting to be held this afternoon except for Kurotsuchi-taichou.” I say to them.
          “All right then. We’ll be heading on Yama-jii.” They both shunpo’d out of sight.
The captains have lined up. Silence surrounded the room. And began. “For now you know, we won the battle. Aizen, Tosen, and Gin has now perished but we cannot be sure. They might still be alive roaming. I must inform you all that we shall remove Sakura-sama’s memories about Aizen and her being queen of Hueco Mundo. Also, I must inform you that the infant will be annihilated. None must spoke a word about the past to her. Those who did will receive severe punishments. Any questions?” I looked around the room and none spoke a word. “All right then. Dismissed.” I banged my cane on the floor and everyone left.