Pt 2 Chapter 15: Who is that man? - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

          Warmth feeling… My eyes slowly opened. The sun glistened in front of me. It’s too bright. I sat up and stretched as far as I could go. When my body was fully awake, I had a look around. 
          “Mornin’ Sakura-chan!” Someone popped out of nowhere that almost scared the hell out of me.
“Sorry about that Sakura-chan.” he says rubbing the back of his head. I looked at him closely. He had a silver hair, closed eyes, and a smile. A creepy one. Does that smile ever disappear? Does he open his eyes? Anyway, who is he anyway? 
          “Excuse me sir-kun. Who are you?” I asked. His face turned from a happy one to a sad one.
          “I-I’m sorry! I don’t really know who you are. But, thank you very much for the hospitality and saving me from last night incident!!!” I got up from the bed and bowed. 
          “So he erased her memories…” I said in a low volume. He turned his back and walked away. Why do I have to feel so guilty…

          “Is she awake, Gin?” A voice came. That’s the same voice from last night and the guy who kissed me. When I said the word ‘kiss’, my face began to blush. The man who saved me appeared. White shirt, brown pants, soft brown eyes.. Hair.. A cute smile… Whoa! Why am I thinking that?! 
          “Yes Aizen-sama.” he says. The one named ‘Gin’, who almost scared me to death. Both of them faced me. W-what are they staring at?
“Good morning Sakura-chan.” the one with the brown hair says.
          “Good morning too umm.. Aizen-kun.” I replied. I just used his name because ‘Gin’ said it was.
          “How was your sleep?” He asks walking towards me. I forced myself to smile.
          “It was good. By the way, thank you very much for saving me from that night. You‘re a shinigami right?” I asked, he nods. I looked at my wrist watch and look at the time…
          “Oh dear! It’s 9:00 AM already?!!! I’m Halibel and Rangiku-san would be very worried about me!” I tiptoed and gave Aizen-kun a kiss on the cheek. “Once again. Thank you very much for the hospitality. I must leave.” I shunpo’d, away from him and his home.
          5 MINUTES LATER…
          Finally made it to Orihime’s door. I knocked and she opens.
          “Sakura-chan!! We were worried! Where were you?!” She glomps at me. Then she helps me get up. 2 people that surprised me at a row and almost gave me a heart attack. We entered the house.
          “I think my shunpo is getting slower. I‘m getting old!” I say as I plopped down on the couch.
          “Sakura-chan, where were you? Rangiku-san and I were worried about you.” Halibel says running to me and hugging me tight.
          “I think I already had enough hugs today.” I say. She removes her arms away from me and I finally can breathe normally.
           I took in a big inhale and…“Well after we guys separated, a guy harassed me, I think, then before that guy made a move, another guy appears, uses a Hado spell must be shinigami, saves me, then kisses passionately, I was blacked out, Then I was brought in his house which was very big like a mansion and… yeah.” Finally said the last word. I said that on sentence with one breath. And I almost ran out of oxygen and go blue. Both of them have that excited expression on their faces.

          “YOU WERE KISSED BY A GUY?!!!” They said in unison.
          “What you were kissed by a guy?!” Rangiku appears. Great.
          “Seriously Sakura-chan, was it passionate?! was the guy hot?!” she asks as her eyes glistens for some reason.
          “Umm… I guess so.”
          “What does the guy look like Sakura-chan?” Halibel asks excitedly.
          “Brown hair and eyes, nice looking smile, cute fa--” Rangiku stops me putting a hand on my mouth. I looked at her, and she has that serious look in her face. Orihime is too, but Halibel was just confused as I do. The room was in silence.
          “What’s his name Sakura?” Rangiku asks.
          “Well, from what I remember…Aizen. There you go! Aizen was his name! Or probably, last.”
          “Sakura, we must return back to the Soul Society.” Rangiku says in an angered tone.

          “Sakura-chan, he is the most dangerous man in the Soul Society. He started this war. Lives were lost because of him!” She grabs my shoulder and pulls me in a hug. “We couldn’t afford to loose you. He took you away from us. I know I am forbidden to talk to you about him, But I must report to the Head Captain. We must all go back.” We all got out of our gigai and open the Senkaimon. 
          I hugged Orihime. “We’ll be going back Orihime.”
          “All right Sakura-chan. Bye.”
          “Bye.” I replied in a whispered boys. We all entered the Senkaimon and door shut behind us.Why is that man dangerous? And what did she mean ‘he took me away’ from THEM?

Aizen’s POV

          How can Sakura-chan not remember me? Where is my child? The General must have killed my child. Her memories must have been removed.
          “Aizen-taichou, she doesn’t seem to remember any of us.” Gin says. Sounded a bit sad. 
          “I know that, Gin.” I sat on the chair leaning my head and looking a bit sad and worried.
          “You should see her again in another time.”
          “You’re right. But what if she never returns? I'm sure that they found out that we saw each other.” I never have any intentions to hurt anyone anymore. I only want to see Sakura-chan. I want to be with her forever. She belongs to me.
          ‘There’s another way you can be with her again Aizen-sama’ Kyuoka Suigetsu talked to me telepathically.
‘Really? Then what would it be…’