Pt 2 Chapter 16: Banned in the World of the Living - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

Sakura’s POV
1 Week Later

          I have returned to Soul Society. Sitting in my office. Mostly quiet. Once again doing the same thing everyday…paperwork. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not in the mood to do it.
          I saw Halibel and Momo-chan enter the room. “Sakura-taichou. We will be attending a taichou and fuko-taichou meeting.” Halibel says.
          “Shouldn’t I be coming too?” I asked my eyes closed. I was about to stand up but Momo pushes me back down to sit.
          “The General informed me that you stay here. Have a rest.” said Momo as she pulled me to a hug. I sighed.
          “All right then. You may go.” I said as I waved my hand lazily. They both bowed and left the room. The door shuts and echoes.
          “You know, I hate it when it’s too quiet.” Kaen Oujo says as she yawned.
          “Yeah. Me too. I should take a small nap in my room.” I walked towards to my room and plopped on the bed. I tucked the blanket in and my eyes fluttered close making myself have a good dream…

Rangiku’s POV
Meeting Room
          The General bangs his cane on the floor. “Rangiku Matsumoto, fuko-taichou of the 10th Division. You may begin your report.” The General said in a booming voice.
          I bowed my head down to respect him. “While we were in Karakura-town, Sakura-taichou met this person…” I stopped. My head looked up and curiosity was on the General’s face. I lowered my head.
          “This person who she stumbled. Who is this?” He says. It took a moment for me to say it. I gulped. My long flowing orange hair covered my face. A drop of sweat ran down across my face.
          “As Sakura-taichou described his looks, it was… Sousuke Aizen.” I put all of the pressure and strength on my feet to stand up. Lot’s of gasping was heard.
          “He’s still alive?!!” Unohana-taichou says outloud.
          “Would this be a lie?” The General says as he increased his reiatsu (spiritual pressure) making it difficult to breathe.
          “No General. I have not seen him but they have met. She doesn‘t lie.” I stuttered because of the strong reiatsu. The strong pressure has calmed down and so is the voices.
          “We must.. fight and kill him before he meets… her again.” I said in between breaths. The General shook his head.
          “We shall not! We are still recovering from the war. We still don‘t have enough to fight him.” He said in an angered voice.
          “But we must make sure that Sakura-sama doesn’t return to the World of the Living.” Hitsugaya-taichou finished my sentence. Even though those weren’t the words I was going to say.
          “All right. Dismissed.” The General banged his cane on the floor and I returned to my standing position and left the room.
          “This is not good.” I saw Hitsugaya-taichou came walking towards me. “You shouldn’t have brought Sakura-sama along with you and leaving her alone.” I looked down at the floor, feeling guilty. “I know. I shouldn’t have been careful.”

Unohana’s POV
          “General, could I have a talk with you? Privately?” I asked as I walked towards the General. We both left the meeting room and had a little walk along the hallways where no people are.
          “Worried aren’t you?” He asks.
          “H-hai. Do you think it’s good idea, General?” I looked at him and he was silent and looked forward to the direction he was walking.
           “I’ll take that as a yes General.”