Pt 2 Chapter 17: Konnichiwa New Taichou; Attack in a Flash - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

Sakura’s POV

          I sat down on a branch on the tallest cherry blossom tree. The branch was inches above the smooth surface of the crystal blue water. My feet touched the water making ripples destroying the water’s serene surface. I stand in the middle of the water. Light wind breezes the petals of the cherry blossoms. My lips curved in a form of a smile.
I felt.. Warmth. 2 arms snaked my waist and locked his fingers. I could feel his heart beating steadily from behind. He rests his head against my right ear. “Do you not know me?” He says in a smooth voice. He kisses my neck all over. Making a slight moan escape. I moved his head away and turned to face him. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see his facial feature or the color of his hair. It’s like his face was being covered by a mask or something. I reached my hand to touch his face. But he himself, turned to cherry blossom petals.

          “AAh!!! I’m sorry! Please don‘t leave!”
          “Don‘t leave!! Who are you?!!”
          “Sakura-chan, wake up! Wake up!!” Someone screaming at me. I opened my eyes and Rangiku was shaking me. Momo-chan and Halibel was with her too.
           “O-ookay Raaangikuuu. Stoooop Shaaakiiiiing meeee!!!” Rangiku stops and I sat up. My eye ball kept on looking in different directions.
           “Whew. I thought you were dead. You’ve been asleep for a month.”
           “Whaat?!!!! That’s really bad! I can’t believe I missed lots of paper work!!” I shouted. They all sweat dropped.
“Sakura-chan. You were worrying too much about work that you didn’t get enough sleep.”
           I rubbed the back of my head and chuckled. “I guess you’re right. I didn’t have much rest lately since I have been having that nightmare also.”
           "I’m getting a bit hungry you know… Why don’t you join with us?” Rangiku asks as she places her hand on my back. “Yeah. Good idea. I should take shower real quick and get changed. Be back in a flash.” I ran towards the bathroom took of my clothes showered, soaped my body, get out, brush my teeth, get changed, finishing touches. “Done!” I popped out. I almost scared the hell out of Rangiku, I chuckled.

           “So what food do you want to eat Sakura-chan?” she asks. “Ummm… Anything that has rice in it.”

           “All right let’s go!!” We all held hands while walking together like a little groupie. I ate at that little place. Don’t know what it’s called cause I don't care right now. All I cared right now is the food and ate a lot! Since I haven’t eaten anything in the past month. The other shinigami didn’t mind because they’re used to me seeing eating a lot so that’s not a big problem. 

           “Thank you very much for your delicious food.” I bowed at the owner. “It is no problem, Sakura-sama.” I left the place along with my other friends.
           “Oh yeah Sakura-chan. We have a meeting right now in the meeting room.” Halibel reminded.

           “Okay. Since we all have to go, let’s go!” We all shunpoed to the 1st Division and to the room. The door open and we all entered. The taichou’s and the fuko-taichous were all lined up and waiting for us.
           "Sakura-sama!! Long time no see!” Shunsui greets. I smiled at him sweetly. “Long time no see too.” I walked to my spot and lined up like the rest.
           Yamamoto-kun began. “News to everyone. As you can see, 3rd Division and 6th Division are empty spots. We will have a new captain.” Everyone was murmuring excitedly. New captain?! That’s a change.
           Yamamoto-kun bangs his can on the floor and everyone kept quiet. “Sakura-sama and Halibel fuko-taichou, both of you will be moved to the 3rd Division.” Halibel-chan and I looked at each other.
           “The new taichou will be placed on the 5th Division.” He continued. “Please show and introduce yourself taichou…” The person walks in. The person walks in. It was a he! Tall, brown hair, and black eyes. He wore a shinigami uniform and was also wearing a long sleeved haori.
           “Konnichiwa. Watashi wa namae Tsuruga(Last) Ren(First). It is nice seeing you all.” He bowed.
           “Tsuruga-taichou, Hinamori Momo will be your fuko-taichou. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.” He lifted his wooden stick “Everyone, dismissed.” Yamamoto-kun bangs his cane on the floor as it echoed the room. Everyone started moving. Some taichou and fuko-taichou walked toward to welcome him, but I chose to do it another time. He’s busy and there are a lot of people surrounding him.
           “Don’t you want to meet him Sakura-chan?” Halibel asks as she walked along side me. I smiled lightly. “I’ll do it another time. Besides, he seemed very busy.” she giggled a little and I looked at her strangely. “What’s so funny?” I asked.
           “Either your shy or just embarrassed to do it.” She laughed loud enough causing attention making the others look at us. She finally stopped and her breathing calmed. I saw the new taichou looked at me. The others notice his eyes were directly looking at me. My face was as red as a tomato. He gets out of the crowd and walked towards me. “Hello. You must be Sakura-sama. I am very sorry if you were transferred to the 3rd Division.”

           “It’s all right. It’s nice to experience something new. Oh and also, you have no need to call me ‘sama’. You can just call me Sakura.”
           He chuckled. “All right. I’ll call you ‘Sakura-chan’ if that’s fine with you. Also, you can call me Tsuruga. Either way whichever is more comfortable for you.”
           “All right Tsuruga-taichou. Oh yeah, would you like to come with us in your division? I have to pick up a few items there.”
           “Sounds wonderful. Momo-chan, would you like to come with us?” Tsuruga-san asks Momo.
           “O-okay.” She stuttered. Her face was red probably shy because of the new captain. We all walked together straight to 5th Division. Of course, we did a little talking. Still what Halibel said bothers me.“You take a liking on this new guy already huh Sakura-sama?” Kaen Oujo she says slyly.
           “SHUT UP Kaen!!!” I protested. The three of them looked at me dumbfounded. Can’t believe I shouted it out loud. “Who‘s Kaen?” Tsuruga-san asks.
           “It’s just my zanpakuto. Kaen Oujo is her full name. She just enjoys to piss me off.” I mumbled as I folded my arms. I was walking towards them, but I felt something past me. I landed down hard. Small pain ran down my nervous system. I looked down at the right side of my waist, blood was gushing out.
           “Gaah!” I yelled out in pain. I tried to cover the wound but it just kept coming, out of control.
           “Sakura-chan!!!” Halibel-chan shouted as she ran towards me. She kneeled down to the level I was on.
           “What happened?!”
            “I-I-I don’t know! I just felt something past me sharp and slashed me. I didn‘t feel it pass at all.” I was trying to hold back the tears. IThis isn’t any ordinary wound. My body feels so paralyzed, I can’t move. It’s hard to breathe. It’s like drowning in an ocean where there are no boundaries and couldn‘t reach any surface.“She’s starting to look pale. We must take her to Unohana-taichou’s division.” Tsuruga-taichou said immediately. Strong muscled arms were wrapped around my body as I was being carried bridal style. The cold wind from the winter touched my porcelain skin. Then I was finally brought to Unohana-chan’s place in a flash. My vision was blurry, but I could see them. Unohana runs towards me along with her lieutenant.
           “Oh dear! What happened?!” Unohana asked in a worried tone.
           “She was hit by something. She’s very pale.” Tsuruga-taichou responds.
           “Let’s get her in a room quick.”
Tsuruga-taichou carried me all the way to my personal room in 4th Divison. I was set down at the bed gently. I felt myself very weak and I can’t move. I can’t take it anymore. This wound is sucking out all of my energy to move. I…should…rest. My eyes were shut and I myself, was in an another endless sleep.

____________________________Tsuruga Ren_____________________________

Ehh... Here's Tsuruga Ren. Couldn't find another good looking guy soo... this is the closest so far. If you read the Manga "Skip Beat" he's on of the characters.
Name: Tsuruga Ren (Last, First)
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Told in the story
Zodiac: Gemini
Zanpakuto: Remains secret
-----------------Words from Tsuruga Ren------------------
Wendy: This is... is...
Ren: Tsuruga Ren.
WEndy: OH yeah Yes! The new Captain of the Fifth Division... coincidence....
Sakura: HI Wendy-chan.
Wendy: Oh hello Sakura-chan :D Haave you been feeling alright?
Sakura: Yes I have.
REn: That's good then. YOu should take a rest.
Sakura: All right then. (leaves)
Wendy: THAT'S ALL!!!