Pt 2 Chapter 19: The Dream - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)
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Early Morning
6:30 am
Sakura’s POV

          I fell asleep and tired after I had been hit. I’m now under a dream. Everything flashed and everything that surrounded me appeared. White desert sand soft and warm as my feet touched it. The sky was lit by a full moon, it’s so big it’s like I can almost touch it’s rocky surface.
          A sudden gust of wind flashed. Dusts we’re being blown away from the ground. I protected my eyes with my hands from the dust. The wind was still strong until it finally calmed down. I rested my arms on my sides and my eyes opened.
          I looked and I was above ground. Behind me was a white ginormous palace-like fortress. My clothes suddenly changed to a white Chinese dress but I was standing barefooted. It seems that I’m on a balcony. But how? Something…doesn’t feel right. It’s like something bad is going to happen… but what is it. Out of nowhere, pair of arms were wrapped around my waist. I felt someone’s head lean against my ear.
          “Doush tano, Sakura-chan?(What‘s wrong, Sakura-chan?)” He asked slyly in a low volume.
          It‘s him. “You’re the same man who appeared in my dreams the other night.”
          “You’re correct my dear.” He started licking, kissing, and biting my neck. Goosebumps run up and down my body. I couldn’t help it. I’m falling for it… He started massaging my breasts. My knees felt weak. They’re about to wobble but I tried fighting all of that.
          “Who are you? Please. Tell me your name. I must know.” I begged. He stopped kissing my neck as I heard a light chuckle released from his lips. He turns my body to face him. It’s… “Tsuruga-taichou?!” laughs at it. He finds it amusing? He pulls me closer our lips were about to touch. “My real name is… So-” Before I could hear the rest of his name I was being pulled away from him.
           “No! Wait! Tell me!”
          “I’m sorry, Sakura-chan. But you will have to find out for yourself.” I couldn’t hold on any longer. We were far away apart as I was being pulled in a black hole and everything has gone to darkness…

          “Wake up, Sakura-chan.” said a feminine voice. I turned my body to where the source of the voice. I groaned and sat up. “Good Morning…” I replied in a wearily. I looked up, it was Unohana-chan…of course.
          “*Ahem* Sakura-chan, you might want to fix your clothes. It’s revealing too much.” I looked at myself and my kimono was open. My face flushed and I closed my kimono. “Whew. Good thing nobody saw it.”
          “It looked like your wound on your waist has quickly healed.”
          “Yes. Thank you for healing it Unohana-chan.”
          “No problem.”
          “Anyway, I better take a shower.”
          I brushed my teeth and into the shower. The water was cold. The way I like it. But not too cold. “Now. Why would Tsuruga-taichou appear in my dreams? And what does he mean THAT wasn’t his name?” I groaned and folded my arms as I leaned my back against the tiled wall.
          ‘Curious aren’t we Sakura-sama?’ said a feminine voice in my head telepathically. Of course, Kaen Oujo.
          ‘Of course. And I did remember what happened that night with him doing THAT.’ I replied back.
          ‘It was your inner personality. Sometimes you can’t control it you know. So, what’s the plan?’ She asks me deviously. (is that right?)
          ‘I think you know Kaen Oujo’ I smirked deviously.
          ‘You’re good Sakura-sama.’ Kaen Oujo giggled.

Tsuruga’s POV
          Day one of the working papers. It’s worth it. As long as I could see her… I could hear someone’s foot steps coming closer to my table. I looked up, it was Hinamori fuko-taichou. “Umm.. Tsuruga-taichou. I have finished my paper work. Do you need any help taichou?”
          “No. I’m fine. Thank you. I only have a couple left. You are free Hinamori fuko-taichou.” I replied as I continued signing papers. “Thank you. I’ll be visiting Sakura-chan now.” She bowed, left the room, and closed the door. As soon as she left, I got up from my chair and looked out the window.
          “So Unohana-taichou know about it already.”

Flashblack. 2 Hours Ago
          I woke up earlier than her after that ‘endless night’. I put back my clothes on then a sudden knock came. The door opened it revealed Unohana-taichou.
          “Ah. Good Morning. You seemed to be early taichou.” She greeted.
          “Yes. I was worried…to much.” She closed the door slowly so it won’t make any sound waking up Sakura. She walks towards us.
          “She’s dreaming so peacefully.” I whispered. I looked up at Unohana-taichou. She seems…I bit sad. “Is something the matter?” I asked. “I already know it’s you…Aizen-taichou. You’re using Kyoka Suigetsu, you’re zanpakuto to hide your true form.” I sighed. “I guess my cover is blown.” I walked passed both of the two females and headed to the door. I was about to turn the knob.
          “Wait, Aizen-taichou…I did not say anything about you leaving.” I closed the door to turn my body and face her. “I won’t tell anyone. It will be our secret.” she continued. I raised an eyebrow at her. “Why should I trust you.” She looks up at me and looks back down. “Because…when she met you, I’ve never seen her happy. She has always wanted a child. Her wish came true. She found her true love.”
          “Then where is my child?”
          “The Commander said to eliminate the child. The times she met you and with you, that memory has been removed. The commander didn’t want to loose her. That’s why.”
          “I see. There’s no blaming him. It was my fault I took her away. She was the only relative he has left… Thank you Unohana-taichou. I understand now.”
          “You’re welcome.”