Pt 2 Chapter 20: The Returning - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

 Sakura’s POV

Aaah. Breathtaking know why? It’s spring, my favorite season!! Because it’s the time cherry blossoms come to a bloom! We’re both Sakura’s… it’s also very relaxing. Lot’s of shinigami’s would sit under a cherry tree and enjoy it’s beautiful view.

"Sakura-chan! You’re daydreaming again!" Rangiku shouts near my ear. "Aah!" I startled. My heart was beating fast because he shouted and startled me at the same time. "Please… don’t ever, do that again. Rangiku." I said between breaths.

"I know. Aren’t you going to join with us? I mean, everyone should see at your beautiful kimono you wore!" She shouted with glee. My face flushes of embarrassment. "I think it’s a bit of revealing." I disagreed since it is true. I was making this kimono myself until Halibel, Rangiku, and Momo-chan redone.

"Come on Sakura-chan, we have to go!" Rangiku yanks my arm all the way to the that place. "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Where is it anyway?" I asked.

"You’ll be surprised." Rangiku replied with a smile.

Tsuruga’s POV

Of course it’s spring. Lots of shinigami would enjoy the view of cherry blossoms. It was also spring, the time I met Sakura-chan. Shunsui-taichou and Ukitake-taichou asked me to join them I refused but then… I was pulled and forced to go, unfortunately.

Then I’m here sitting on a mat and under a cherry tree. It’s also the same place and tree I proposed to her. The lake glistens under the sun’s rays. The sakura petals would float on the water and makes rippled waves.

"So, are you enjoying it Tsuruga-taichou?" Ukitake taichou asks as he took a sip at some sake. "Hai. It‘s very relaxing." I agreed. "The ladies will be joining us soon and of course Hitsugaya-taichou." Shunsui-taichou said. I could see 7 blurred figures and then transformed to normal. I could see them clearly.

"Ah! See you finally came. Nanao-chan." Shunsui said as he smiled happily. I looked at the group and someone was hiding. "Where’s Sakura-chan?" Shunsui asks the group. "Oh, she’s right here behind hiding. You should reveal yourself." Rangiku-san started
pulling Sakura-chan in front revealing herself. My eyes widened. She looked like… a goddess!

Her kimono was black with pink patterned butterflies. The sleeves of her kimono were disconnected. The kimono was strapless revealing her porcelain skin. Her obi was pure golden colored silk tied to a ribbon on the front of her kimono. Her hair was tied up using a small crown-like barrette.

"You look beautiful Sakura-chan." I reached for her hand and kneeled on one leg and gently kissed her hand. I got up and her face was flushed. "Thank you for the compliment Tsuruga-taichou." She manages to say without stuttering.

"Oh yeah. Do you happen to be free tonight after this event?" Sakura asks. I looked at her and nodded. "Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Oh. When there is a new captain, she usually asks questions. But she does it more privately, keeping it secret so no one would know." Joshiro-taichou says. Really? I don’t remember anything from last time I was a captain asking questions. I probably have forgotten from the past.

"Sakura-chan, why don’t you sing that song again?" Requested Shunsui-taichou. She nods her head. She took a deep breath and began to sing.

I want happiness,I seek happiness
To cause happiness ,To be your happiness
So take me, Someplace far away
To a true Elsewhere, Please take me there
Magic that lasts,Never-ending kiss
Reverie without break, Imperishable bliss
Take me, I want happiness
Birds sing, Song of unknown tongue
Though winged, they Still fail to reach the sky
A place not to be treated alone,So take me
To a true Elsewhere,Wet feathers
Locked fingers,Melting flesh,
Fusing minds,Take me I want happiness
Not your past, But your present is what I seek,
Carefully winding back it’s fragile thread
Please take me there,
I want happiness…

The song has finally ended. Everyone applauded including me. This tree really gives such memories. Something doesn’t seem right here. It’s the same exact order from that day. Are her memories returning?

"That song was really amazing, Sakura-chan." I complimented and she giggles. "Thank you. Except, I think I took too many breathes." She says as she placed her hand on her chest. She sat down next to me.

"Where did that song come from anyway Sakura-chan?" Halibel asks. My previous Trecero Espada asked who watched over my Goddess while I was a way and lost purposely on the battle. "Ehh too… It was in my dream. It was spring, I was under a cherry tree all of you guys were here. Then there was this guy next to me, couldn’t really see his face. Then I began singing this song, it was really beautiful. So… yeah, that’s how I got the song. I always trust dreams."

Sakura’s POV

I looked at them and somehow they looked shocked. Well, except for Tsuruga-taichou who just kept a steady look. "Is there something I just said?" I asked. "N-no nothing Sakura-chan! I mean it’s just we were really just shocked that song was really pretty." Rangiku said in one long breath and in a really fast sentence.

"Why don’t we just have fun and relax for the rest of the day ne?" Rangiku held up a bottle of sake and chugs it down quickly. "Does anybody have some more?" We all laughed at Rangiku because you know, she over does it when it comes to drinking.

‘Sigh. This will be a long day, don’t you think Kaen-chan?"

‘Yes, but a fun one.’ She laughs out loud in my thoughts.


Well finally, the day has ended. The sun has set and moon has risen as it glows in the night sky. It’s just beautiful. I looked at Rangiku and Shunsui, they were drunk to the death. ‘Good thing I wasn’t drunk. Or else… I would go… yep.’ I thought.

"Didn’t you wish to talk to me Sakura-chan?" Tsuruga-taichou appeared as he offered me a hand. "Yes. We will be talking more privately in my ‘office’." Both of us walked together still holding hands… which I kind of remembered… anyways, not right now!! I shook my head to take of those dirty memories… especially in this wide open space. The others walked back to their own divisions some other prefer to go somewhere else…


After a few
minutes of walking out of the dark and cold night, We’ve finally made it to my division. I opened my gigantic wooden door, making creaking sounds. I’ve always hated it. "Please sit tsuruga-taichou." I said as I directed him on my brown leathered couch. He sat down on the couch and I sat down across him meeting face to face. 2 cups of newly brewed chamomile tea was set on the rectangular table. We each took one and took a sip at the same time.

"So taichou, tell me something about yourself where you’re from or about family." I said. "Well, I don’t remember much but… I grew up in the west side of the rukongai district…" Tsuruga-taichou said as he took another sip. "So you lost your memory?" I asked. He nods. " I see… Why did you decide to become a shinigami?"

His eyes softened and he sets his cup on the table. "Well… I wanted to get revenge…" I raised my eyebrow and crossed my legs. I set down my cup on the table as I walked towards him. "You’re not really an open person are you taichou." I sat down on his
stomach and pressed my palms on his chest.

"You’re hiding something… aizen sousuke."

Tsuruga’s POV

My eyes widened as she said my real name. "Who’s that Sakura-chan?" I lied. She chuckled darkly. "Don’t lie to me, Sousuke. I heard your conversation with Unohana-chan. I didn’t hear the whole thing but… you’re somehow… related to me." She said as she traced my neck. Tch. We should have kept our mouth shut.

"Who are you really? Sousuke-kun?" she licked my neck up and down making silent moans escape. She smirks at me. "You were in my dream Sousuke. And that isn’t your true form either. You we’re that shinigami I met at the world of the living. You’re confusing me… who really are you?"

I wrapped my arms around her perfect waist and pulled her closer. "Heh. You don’t remember who I really am…" she shook her head. I moved my face closer our chests touching, I could feel her steady heart beat. I landed my lips on hers. I looked at her eyes shocked. I made the move and inserted my tongue without hesitation. Our tongues danced. Her eyes were in shock but they were now soft. She kissed back. She started moving her hips back and forth rubbing her on mine.

"I remember it now. Everything."

"Then who am I?"

"You’re my husband. And I’m your wife." We continued or lustful kisses. Years of our lost love finally once again found. We parted and Sakura immediately removed her clothes. "Have you forgotten about me?" I reminded. She evilly smirked and lifted my chin. "Men always make the first move. It’s my turn. Can you return back to your original form?" I released Kyoka Suigetsu and I returned back to my original looks. She smiled and combed back my hair using her fingers. "Much better." Our lips once again collided. She
grabbed my shoulders started ripping off my robes. The top was the one ripped but the bottom was still on. She got up and pulled down the bottom part of the robe. "Heh. It’s been a long time since I haven’t done this." Said Sakura. She was on the floor kneeled down as she grabbed my member.

Sakura’s POV

I grabbed his member with one hand and licked the tip of it. I kept on licking his tip not taking it whole yet. I could hear his low growl. I looked up at him. "Are loosing your patience my dear?"

"Of course." He responded. "Take me then." I say. Aizen grabbed a handful of my hair.I stroked my hand massaging it. I went back down again slowly taking his cock in my mouth. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down. He threw his head back as he was grabbing my hair. My saliva was all over his cock that’s what makes it good. His breathing was getting harder as I hear. "Faster." he says. I stopped and started licking his tip again leaving more saliva. "Do it." he sounded angry. "Then again, patience my dear." He pulled my hair and me head went back down sucking his balls.

I rubbed my clit and went back to his cock. I moved my head up and down with more speed. His cock moved in and out of my mouth. His moans was finally heard. I could feel his hot and warm white cream filled my mouth. He pulled his member out of my
mouth. I swallowed all of his cream, and I was satisfied.

I got up and I was on top of him. Positioning myself, I spread my legs apart facing him. I grabbed his cock and placed it in me. He grabbed my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him once again interwining our tongues. I started to move myself up and down. "Ngghhh…" I groaned. "What’s the matter?" He asked. "You’ve gotten bigger than before…"

"It’s all right. We’ve done this many times already." I pumped up and down multiple times, finally used to him. "MMm..ahh..yes…yes." I moaned. Aizen started biting my neck and cupping my breasts. "Aaaah!" I screamed. I ignored the pain and kept on going. "M-more… I…want…more…aizen…fuck…me." I moved myself myself up and down faster. "Faster…faster… do it…" I threw my head back. "Heh." He squeezed my ass as we both moved together. "Uhh… uh.. ahhhh!!" I moaned loudly. I screamed at the top of my lungs we both released our creams at the same time. I rested not planning on moving or getting off. "That was fun and much better than last time sousuke…" I said between my breaths. "Yes.. yes it has." He kissed me one more time. "I think we should sleep on your bed now." He suggested. "Yeah. Good idea." He carried me bridal style as he gently set me to bed. We both slept together naked, locked in embrace and not letting go. We covered ourselves with the blanket.

"Good Night, Sousuke."
"Good Night, Sakura.."