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A short summary about the character. :)
Of course, might I remind you THIS IS A BLEACH LEMON. CONTAINING EXPLICIT 18+. So if you are not mature enough, pwease leave. This is a warning. If you are mature enough, then pwease continue on reading!

Another reminder. BLEACH LEMON. This is special because it was requested by dear Kurama-chan (Love u! XD) The men will be secret of course. Hmm... (points at the very top of page) If you weren't paying attention, those three men are: Byakuya Kuchiki, Gin Ichimaru, and Aizen Sosuke. Most of you might want to guess who SHE WILL END UP WITH! *cue evil laugh* It's only anonymous to only MOI(me) and my dear Kurama-chan. Welll, still uncertain if she knows who she will end up with.

Name Yukiko(Snow Child) Souen
Age: Same as Gin (looks like mizore shirayuki from Rosario Vampire; has long hair)

Personality: serene, laidback, tentative, intelligent, kindhearted, shy

Best friend: gin, yachiru, rangiku, yoruichi, nanao, rukia, byakuya, unohana, hisana, mashiro

Family:Joushiro Ukitake (step-father), kasumi souen (mother; deceased)

Rank: Vice-captain of squad 2 (after graduation), vice-captain of squad 5 (after gin became a captain), squad 9 captain (after aizen’s betrayal
Crush: Gin Ichimaru, Byakuya Kuchiki, Sosuke Aizen

Zanpakuto: Hakuoh (white Phoenix) despite it’s name, Hakuoh’s an ice element zanpakuto. In shikai, after yelling “allure” yukiko can create ice clones (of anyone she wants), manipulate ice to attack her enemies, incase them in ice, etc. In bankai, Koorime Hakuoh (Ice Maiden of the White Phoenix), Yukiko cannot not only use stronger methods of cyrokinesis, but can also create powerful illusion like Kyoka Suigetsu, but more powerful.