Pt 2 Chapter 21: Faire L'amour Dans La Matinée - Sakura18553 FanFic
Sakura’s POV
     Once again, I opened my eyes. The sun’s bright and hot and warm rays touched my skin. I sat up and stretched my arms high as I can. My body ached from the special ‘event’ we had. I looked at him and I smiled. He still remained to his original form. His chocolate brown hair was messier than it was before. I touched his face and my hand slowly went down to his chest. His skin was soft and comforting. I stopped to where is heart was. I could feel his heart beat in a perfect rhythm.

     "Good Morning, Sakura." He said. 
     "Waah!" I screamed as I jumped and fell of the bed. He laughed at my action. 
     "Well that was a rocky morning." He smiled as he helped me get back on the bed.
     "Well, please don’t ever scare me again alright." I said as I sat up.
     "You were too focused on what you were doing." He grabbed me close as he kisses my neck. "Why don’t we do it again?" He said as he continued kissing my neck.
     "Do what? The falling?" I asked. I gulped loudly and I already knew what it was.
     "Let’s do it." He pushed me down and formed a devious smirk on his lips.
     "Umm… I don’t believe this is such a convenient time Sosuke-kun." I forced myself to smile and tried to show no fear.
     Then, he did something which made me yelped. He pushed me down and my back resting on the bed. "Sosuke, it’s morning." I tried moving myself yet his body was pressed to mines. Sometimes, I just suck at physical energy… especially dealing with him.
     He licked his 3 fingers seductively. "Oh no. Sosuke, please don’t." He ignored my words. He moved his hand down to my area is. He slowly rubbed his fingers on there. "S-Sosuke… D-don’t do it." I stuttered. He once again ignored my plea. With force, he inserted his three fingers inside me. "Aaaah!" I cried. I gripped the sheets tight as he kept pumping his three fingers in me and licking to my down area.
     I looked at him and he looked up at me. Those devious eyes… They’re luring me. "Sosuke, fuck my pussy." I couldn’t take it. Once he shows those lustful eyes, I couldn’t control and holding it anymore. He made me much more hornier.
     He smirked once again. He slowly removes his fingers out and licks it.
     "Why are you stopping?" I asked not sounding disappointed.
     "Oh no. I’m not stopping my Sakura-chan." He moved my legs making a wider space for him to access. He moved his whole head right down and slowly licking and eating me.
     "Sosuke, you have such an amazing tongue." I cried. I rested both of my hands on his head and grabbing his hair. My back formed an arch. I couldn’t take it to slow. He’s teasing me! "Sosuke, please… faster. I want it faster!" He didn’t ignore my plea on this one. He immediately moved his tongue faster than before after I said those words. He inserted his tongue inside my precious… He’s tongue fucking me, and the way I like it. Lust and Love. This desire… lust… "Sosuke… I-I’m… gonna…" Before I could finish my sentence, I finally released and reached my climax. Sosuke drank my white cream. He lied down beside me with and glued a satisfied smile on his face like as if he won something.
     "I knew that eventually, you were gonna give in."
     "Well that devious look on your face made me… Not gonna say it."
     "Not gonna say what? You can tell me."
     "Well you’re making me horny and that is NOT good for me." He changed his expression and showed a kind and caring smile from the old Sosuke. "Al right. I’m not gonna do it anymore."
     "Good. Now, I need to shower." I stand up and ready to make the first step. But then, he pulled my down again on the bed. "We’re going to shower together."

     We both entered the shower and the hot water touched our skin. Sosuke hugged me from behind. "Okay. I want explanations." I said as I folded my arms.
     "Don’t you remember from last night? I want explanations on what happened while you were away and in a war against the Shinigamis. Was Kurosaki Ichigo there?"
     "Kurosaki Ichigo? Yes he was. He’s a strong young boy."
     "Yes he is. I didn’t know from before but… he’s kind of a relative. Well… he’s my niece. Are you mad?"
     "No. I’m not mad. How was he your niece?"
     "Well… not really. When he was still here when he was a captain I asked Isshin-san if he ever has sons or daughters, I will be their aunt. Well, he agreed to it." I smiled.
     "Why is that?"
     "Because, I’ve never been an aunt before that’s why."
     "Well, you’re about to become a mother. That is if you’re pregnant." Sosuke placed his hand on my flat stomach and I put my hands on it too. "I know. That would be real nice."
     "If you’re not, we can always do it again and work on it harder." He said as he rested his head on my right shoulder. I sighed. "Alright. But please, do not break me alright?"
     "Don’t worry, I won’t.I love you alright?"
     "I need some more information from what I missed." He chuckled. "Alright."

     We both got out of the shower and put back on our clothes. Well, it was nice that I finally have some answers while he was in the battle with Ichigo, which was my niece. He lost on purpose to be with me. The hogyoku was destroyed forever… by Kisuke I believe.
     A knock came from my door. "Who is it?" I shouted.
     "It’s me, Rangiku!" She shouted back.
     "Sosuke, Rangiku’s here. Change back. Stay here in the bathroom."
     "Al right."
     While Sosuke was releasing his zanpakuto, I ran towards the door and opened.
"Sakura-chaaan Good Morning!!!" Rangiku tackled me to the ground and hugging me tightly, squeezing me to death. Once again, another rocky morning.
     "Rangiku… remember? Me… human?" I gasped for breath and Rangiku finally frees me from her deathly grasp. "Thank you, Rangiku-chan."
     "Welcome! Hey, do you want some sake?" Rangiku takes out a bottle of sake 2 feet tall. There is something wrong with this woman. I hear a creaking sound from the bathroom door. Sosuke-kun transformed back to his other form.
     "Tsuruga-taichou, good morning!" Rangiku greeted.
     "Good Morning, Matsumoto-taichou." He replied.
     "Oh you can just call me Rangiku." She lowers a couple of centimeters and whispers close to my ear. "Sakura-chan, were you doing something bad with Tsuruga-taichou?" My face flushed and shakes my head.
      "Rangiku, why would you think something so perverted as that?" I whispered back although a bit louder.
      "Your face is flushing and that means it’s a no no lie." She winks at me. I wanted to scream so much talking about something like that with Rangiku and Tsuruga right in front of me.
     "Fine, you win." I eventually gave up and lowered my temper.
     "Good! To celebrate my victory, let’s drink some saakee!" She throws it up in the air and catches it.
     "Rangiku-chan, we appreciate your kind offer but Sakura and I have duties to do." Thank god, I'm saved.
     "Yes. Rangiku-chan. Thank you. Bye." I grabbed his arm and shunpo’d to someplace else.

Rangiku’s POV
      Sakura and Tsuruga-taichou left the room. I was the one left. I left her room and shut it close. I walked pass the multiple hallways. Sakura-chan, are you hiding something from me? I know I heard you say Sosuke…
      I stopped form a minute and think. Is Sosuke Aizen really Tsuruga Ren? Was he in disguise? Wait the only way he can transform is Kyoka Suigetsu, his zanpakuto. But… I’m not sure. Could it be just my imagination? I better keep this for myself for a while. I shouldn’t tell anyone about this.

Sakura's POV
     I finally released Sosuke, I mean Tsuruga-san at his squad. He chuckles as soon as I released him from my grasp. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Well, don't you remember? Back then, you shunpod me to someplace and they asked some "odd" questions." He said as he quoted the word, odd.
     "Oooh. I see. I do remember a bit." I smiled. "Oh yeah Sos- I mean Tsuruga-taichou... what happened to umm..." I interwined my fingers.
     "About who?" He asks looking at me curiously. I tiptoed and whispered in his right ear, "Ichimaru-san."
     "Oh... Souka. He's in the world of the living right now. Don't worry."
     "Yes but... will he be joining us soon? Here in the Soul Society. I'm sure that Rangiku misses him."
     "After the problem is solved."
     "What problem?"
     "I'll tell you soon. But right now, we have work to do." He grabbed my shoulder and kissed my forehead. I looked around if anyone sees us, good thing none. No sense of spiritual pressure nearby.