Chapter 11: Good News; Our Parted Ways - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

3 Weeks Later

Aizen’s POV         
There I was at the balcony. Enjoying the view of the desert. Nothing but stillness. Gin, standing there at my right and behind. No words came from him. He still has that smile on his face. Silence have eaten the room. A knock came from the door. “You may come in.” I said. The door opened. It revealed Ulquiorra walking towards me and bowed. “You have called Lord Aizen.” Ulquiorra returned back to his standing position. “Ulquiorra, I would like you to retrieve Sakura-chan for me. Take her to Szayel‘s Laboratory.” I commanded Ulquiorra. He once again bowed and exited the room.
          “Lord Aizen, is this about you and Sakura-chan?“ Gin asked. “You easily read me like an open book, Gin.” It’s been a week since we had that night. If she doesn’t have it, there’s another chance we would try it again. We both walked to Szayel’s Laboratory for Sakura’s test.

Sakura’s POV          
          I didn’t felt good. My stomach ached. I have been vomiting non-stop. I didn’t know what it was. Hallibel-chan was there to comfort me. “Sakura-chan, are you alright?“ Hallibel asked as she was rubbing my back gently. “I don’t think so. I have been healthy as a horse previous week, but now I felt weak, vomiting.” I say. A loud knock came from the door. “Come in!” Hallibel shouted. The door creaked open. It revealed Ulquiorra hands in his pockets. Still the same unemotional expression. Szayel with still pink hair. With a smirk glued to his face. “Sakura-sama. Lord Aizen wishes for you to go to Szayel’s Laboratory.” Ulquiorra-kun said with a straight tone. Hallibel was there to help me walk. We left her room and headed straight to Szayel’s Lab.

15 Minutes Later.

It was a long walk to Szayel’s Lab since this fortress is enormous. Ulquiorra opened the door. The room was dim so Szayel turned on the light. “Sakura-chan. Are you feeling well?” Sosuke-kun said. He was already ahead from all of us. Along with Gin too. Still having that smile on his face. But I won’t complain. “Not really. I have been feeling weak this week. I have been vomiting. My stomach ached.” I say as I rubbed my head.
          “That concludes it Sakura-chan.” Sosuke-kun walked towards me as a soft smile appeared on his face.
          “Concludes what?” I said.
          “You don’t know Sakura-chan?” Gin broke in with our conversation. I shook my head. Seriously, I have no idea what they are talking about. But I hope it’s not a guessing game. Cause I suck at it.
          "Your pregnant Sakura-chan.” Sosuke-kun said. My body froze. I could not move. Pregnant? Seriously? How? When? What?!!!!! I thought deeply. I learned something from before. The only way I would be pregnant would be… O.O OH!!!
          “How could I not think of that?” That means, We, Sosuke-kun and I are going to be parents. The word ‘parent’ shot me. A wide smile appeared on my face. I walked towards and gently wrapped my arms around him. “We’re going to be parents aren’t we?! I’m just excited!” 
          “Congratulations Sakura-chan! You get to have a kid! And I’m going to be an Auntie!” Hallibel says. Also, sounded excited. 
          Sosuke-kun gently placed his lips on my forehead. “Now Sakura-chan, I would like for you to be careful now. You are to be watched by Hallibel while I’m gone. She’s going to help you with your needs.” He said. “Where are you going then?” I asked him. “I have some business to do in Karakura Town. To be able to create the king’s seal.” He whispered near to my right ear. “All right. I’ll be leaving tomorrow along with Gin, Tosen, and the 2nd and the 1st Espadas.”

          “Well be gone for a while. Please take care of our developing child.” said Sosuke-kun.

“Please be careful…” I say. My face frowned. He's not going to be here then...
We all started walking. We both parted our ways. We glanced at each other one more time. I wish for you to live. I wish for you to return in one piece. I wish for your love. I wish to be once again safely wrapped around your arms, warmth, love. I could not loose you. For my heart could break apart...