Chapter 10: Reunion - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Sakura’s POV Next Day
          It’s a new morning and an early one. The moon disappeared. The sun appeared. Darkness exchanged itself to light. I woke up. I was lying on the bed. Covered with a soft silky blanket. And I was still naked. Sosuke-kun wasn’t beside me. ‘Must have woken up early.’ I thought. I got up from the bed and covering myself with the blanket. 
          “You’re awake my love.” The door opened. It revealed Sosuke-kun still wearing that white clothes and Gin. My face heated up as Gin stared at me.
          “Oh My Sakura-sama. Did something happened last night?” Gin asked. I shivered.
          “I- Uh..” I couldn’t explain what happened last night. Sosuke-kun chuckled. “I think you should refresh yourself first Sakura-chan. You may use the shower on your left. I’ll get someone to bring you new clothes.” Sosuke-kun said.  
          “Thank you Sosuke-kun.” I said. I went straight to the shower room while the blanket dragged behind me. I closed the door. Took off the blanket that covered my naked body and went in the shower. The glass fogged as soon as I turned the water on. The warm water ran down my body. “That’s really refreshing.” I thought. He was right. After that really is refreshing.
          So Sakura-sama, did you enjoy your night together with Aizen-sama? I noticed the voice. It was Kaen Oujo once again there to annoy me in my moment of peace.
          I guess I did Kaen-chan. It felt good actually. Why didn’t you stop me last night? I asked Kaen-chan. “Well, you found your true love Sakura-sama. I can’t really disturb you together having fun.” Kaen-chan said. “I’ll leave you alone for now. I want to sleep.” Kaen-chan's voice slowly faded away in my thoughts.
          “Thank you Kaen-chan.” For the first time, she said that in years. I sighed. 

Aizen’s POV
          Silence took over the room. I left the room as Gin followed me. “So Aizen-sama, I heard the commotion last night. Did she accept you?” Gin broke the silence as I stopped at the throne room and sat down on. I leaned my head to the right as my hand supported my position. “That, hasn’t been answered, Gin. She didn’t seem to mind what I truly am. But yes, there was something happened between her and I that night.”
          The door opened. Clicking noises came. From the shadows, it revealed Sakura dressed the same clothing from yesterday. “You have some good taste Sosuke-kun.” Sakura said. Her voice echoed across the large room. “You could have asked for Loly and Menoly for assistance.” I said to her as she stood there smirking. She disappeared from her place and reappeared in front of me. “It’s all right. I could sense your spiritual pressure. So I had no problem finding this place.” Sakura started walking around.
          “So you made this place. What is the name of it?”
          “Hueco Mundo but this giant fortress we live in now is Las Noches.” Sakura stood there frozen. In shock.
          “C-c-can you rephrase ?” Sakura stuttered between her words.
          “All right. I’ll run that by you again.” I stood up. I walked towards her from behind. I grabbed her by her waist. I leaned my head against her right ear. “We are now in Hueco Mundo but we lived in a humongous fortress called Las Noches.” I whispered lightly and softly to her ear. Her body tensed. But softened.
          “And you’re the new ruler of Las Noches.” Sakura muttered.
          “You stand corrected Sakura.” I removed my arms from her. “I would like to show you my Espadas. Please follow me Sakura. Gin.” 
Sakura’s POV
Gin and I followed Sosuke-kun. We passed through many doors, hallways, hollows or he called it ’arrancars’ bowing respectfully. “So, he’s the new king of Las Noches. That was very unexpected Sakura-sama.” Kaen Oujo voice appeared again in my thoughts. “I know. Don’t worry. I trust him. I knew this was going to happen anyway. I left my people here in Las Noches. They were also my family. After the war, peace came between us. But I did not say a single word about this to anyone but my subordinates.” I replied to Kaen Oujo. The tapping noises of our shoes or sandals annoyed me so much. 
          “We’re here Sakura-chan.” Gin said as his smile got wider. There a white metallic door stood. The door slowly opened as it creaked. We walked down the stairs and slowly a long table with 11 chairs revealed. On the ten chairs, it revealed arrancars sitting there in silence. “Whoa! Barragan, Hallibel, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Starrk!!! They’re still alive! And wow they look different. They have masks on other than showing their original form.” Kaen Oujo appeared on my thoughts.
          Sosuke-kun sat down on the chair. “Sakura-sama? I-is that you?” my body flinched. I looked at Hallibel standing and in shock. I smiled at her lightly. “Yes it’s me Hallibel-chan. Long time no see!” She went towards me to give me a big and welcoming hug. “I missed you! I thought you would never visit!” Hallibel said excitedly but her voice volume was in whisper. We broke ourselves apart.
          “You knew each other?” Sosuke-kun stared at me. “We all know her Aizen-sama. Before you were to arrive and before we met you. She was the rightful owner and our goddess of Las Noches.” Grimmjow broke in. “He always think he‘s ‘All that‘ Sakura-sama.” Kaen Oujo said.
         “I never asked for you to answer Grimmjow.” everything tensed up. Strong spiritual pressure was exposed from Sosuke-kun affecting the other arrancars and Espadas except Starrk, Hallibel, Ulquiorra, and Barragan. I could see Grimmjow having a hard time breathing. “Sosuke-kun, please stop it!” I shouted at Sosuke-kun. The dense pressure disappeared. “Please don’t hurt him. What he’s saying is the truth. I was the queen of Las Noches. But while I was away, I trusted Barragan to take care of everything here. You can take away my throne. You are now the god or Hueco Mundo.” I kneeled down at Sosuke-kun to show respect. He deserves to be king. He remade the fortress. It must have taken him years. I don’t care if I’m just a loyal servant to this place. Silence once again covered the room. I was still holding my position. A soft sigh came from Sosuke-kun. “I am not going to take away your throne Sakura-chan. I married you 2 years ago. And I cannot let my goddess to be a servant of Las Noches.” I stood up and looked into his eyes. He was telling the truth. He lifted my chin to meet him face to face. He was pulling me closer and closer till I could feel him breathe. His lips softly crashed on mines. We pulled apart.
          “We are going to rule together. I king cannot rule alone.” Sosuke-kun whispered. We pulled ourselves apart and face the espadas. “Since you all knew her, I have no problem to introduce you to her. Sakura, you are free to roam around the place.” 
          “Thank you! Thank you! Can I go with Hallibel-chan for today?” I asked Sosuke-kun
          “Sakura-sama and I have soo much to talk about.” Hallibel broke in.
Sosuke-kun sighed. “All right. You may go. Everyone, dismissed.” Sosuke-kun dismissed everyone including me. Sosuke-kun returned walking up the stairs Gin following him. Hallibel-chan was pulling me directing to her room. We both stopped at a door with a gigantic ‘3’ written on it. When she opened the door, it revealed: a couch, a table with 3 chairs, a mirror, a bed, a cabinet with clothes stored in it. What surprises me all is it’s all white.          
         “Why does everything have to be white? Can he pick some more different colors? Everything here in this whole fortress is soo dull!!!” I was pissed. I walked to a corner and punched my knuckle on the wall. As my fist landed on the wall, it had a huge crack. But not enough force to break open the whole wall. I heard Hallibel chuckled. “Why don’t you sit down Sakura-sama?” my anger returned. But I controlled my boiling head. “Hallibel-chan, can you just PLEASE call me Sakura?” 
          “All right.” She said. I sat down on the bed with her. I leaned my back on the wall while my legs are flat. I stared at the ceiling.
          “So… what happened between you and Aizen-sama last night?” Hallibel-chan asked. My face turned to a million shades of red.
          “Did everyone knew what happened last night.” My shyness disappeared. “Yes. Sakura-chan. Only us espadas though.” She replied. “Man! That’s really embarrassing!” I grabbed a white pillow and stuffed my face in it to let out my screaming.
          “It’s all right Sakura-chan. At least, you found the one who you love.” Hallibel rubbed my back. I calmed. A loud growl came from my stomach. Hallibel laughed. “You didn’t eat yet haven’t you Sakura-chan?” I shook my head. “Come on! I’ll show you to the kitchen.” Hallibel-chan helped me get up from the bed. We went out of the room and went straight to the kitchen.