Chapter 3: Sakura's Unexpected Arrival - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Joshiro's POV
          “Do you think they will be able to make it taichou?” my lieutenant Kaen Shiba asked. “Why do you think that Shinji-taichou wouldn’t be able to make it?” someone said before I could say anything. She got ahead of me. I tilted my head to my right. It was the fourth division captain, Unohana Retsu. She was one of the oldest captain of the Soul Society and most experienced, but Sakura-chan and the General are much older than her and both of them are also have already experienced much. And she is also the Soul Society’s best healer. She always have a soft and kind smile glued to her face. “Hello, Unohana-taichou! How are you doing today?” my vice-captain asked kindly somewhat loud and bowed. “I’m all right thank you for asking lieutenant. Please rise.” he did what he was told. He lifted is back and returned to his position. “I suppose you’re also wondering if Shinji-taichou would be able to make it. Only three minutes left.” I asked as Unohana-taichou.
          “Yes. This is such an important day for everyone of us. Sakura-sama is returning from her endless battle.” Unohana said as her face slowly turned to a sad expression. “You’re very worried of her right?” I asked her as I came closer to her. “She was like an older sister and a mother to me. She taught me everthing there is to know about medicine. She found me and took me as an orphan. She was very kind to everyone. I just hope she had returned safely.” she said as rain of tears flowed down across her face. “It’s alright Unohana-taihou. Don’t loose your faith.” she wiped her tears off.
While I tried to calm Unohana-taichou, I felt two strong spiritual pressures coming closer. “I believe they made it in time. One minute to spare.” I said as a small smile slowly crept on my face. “Whew! Good we made it in time.” Shinji said as he wheezed like an old man. While Aizen was just standing there not even tired. “I’m glad you made it Shinji-taichou. We shall begin the ceremony.” The General said he and his lieutenant walked forward and straight to the gate. He and his lieutenant stopped 10 feet from distance between the gate and them.
           “Please, stand back.” We all did what we were told excluding his lieutenant. I looked at the General handing his cane to his lieutenant. I could see well even from far distance. I saw the General putting both of his hands together that like praying. Words flowingly came from his mouth. It must have been the ancient words needed for the ceremony. Those words… I couldn’t decipher. The General continued his chant as I looked at the gate. It’s design changed. The designs changed into a giant red dragon, covering the gate top to bottom. As I saw that change, my expression on my face were in awe. The chant lasted long enough. When he finished, the giant gate slowly opened.

Aizen’s POV
          When the gate slowly opened, smoke covered the area. I saw 7 figures slowly making it’s way out of the gate. The smoke was clearing up, making it easier to see the figures. When the smoke was all gone, they were all women. What surprised me the most is that, they look like they were all about the same age as mine. “Taichou, which one is Sakura-sama?” he pointed to the girl that was in the middle of the group.
          She has long, flowing fiery red hair head to waist that curls at the tip, her eyes are soft blue like the color of the sky, she was wearing a Chinese dress color of a green forest with openings on the sides revealing her thighs. My eyes widened. Scars and wounds mostly covered her whole body. She slowly and wobbly walked. She stopped. I noticed she closed her eyes and leaned her body to her left. She was out of balance. I rushed towards her as she slowly before she could hit the hard stoned ground. I caught her with both of my arms and kneeled. Sakura landed softly at my arms. She opened her yes half way open. “Thank you.” she whispered soft and sweetly at my right ear as she closed her eyes again breathing quietly as she drifted off to sleep.

Flora’s POV
          “Sakura-chan!” me and Sakura’s other 5 subordinates said in unison. We rushed towards her with a worried look at our faces. “Sakura-chan! Are you all right?!” I kneeled down at her as a man held Sakura tightly at his arms. Tears streamed down across my face uncontrollably. “Oh dear! I hope she would be all right!” Stella said in a panicked tone. Something hit me in my head. At my left breast pocket, I grabbed out a small bottle containing a potion. I showed it to the man who held Sakura. “Please mister. Give this to Sakura-chan when she wakes up. It will help her cure her wounds and scars.” I handed the small bottle to him. “I’ll give it her as soon as she awakes from her slumber.” he nodded showing me that he understood. I softly rubbed Sakura-chan’s hand softly. “Please heal Sakura-chan and Thank you. We shall be taking our leave. We must return back to our own dimension.” I stood up from my kneeling position. Other of Sakura-chan’s subordinates already got ahead and went into their own portal that leads to their own dimensions. I walked to an open space and snap my fingers. The glowing portal formed. I walked in. “See you Sakura-chan.” I said my last farewell…

Aizen’s POV
          Sakura’s subordinates left and returned to their own dimension. “She’s so light.” I whispered quietly. She had the scent of sweet new blooming cherry blossoms. “Sakura-sama!!” The 4th division captain shouted as she rushed towards me and Sakura. “She’ll be alright taichou. She just exhausted. She needed her sleep…” I whispered so that Sakura wouldn’t wake up. “Can you please come with me along with you carrying her.” I nodded and stood up, carrying her bridal style. I don’t seem to mind. We both shunpo’d to the room she said we would put her on. The General, Joshiro, Shinji, Shunsui and their lieutenats followed us. We passed through many hallways and stopped at a ten feet double door. She opened the double door. It was a large room with a few furniture. Infront of us was a queen sized cushioned bed with transparent curtains, 4 pillows, and blankets, all white and made of soft silk. Unohana-taichou instructed me to put her on the bed. “Sakura-sama must have been very tired from fighting from all of those hollows...” Unohana-taichou said as she held Sakura’s hand and softly rubbed it.
          “I almost forgot.” I rummaged in my uniform to find the bottle of potion that the woman gave me. “Unohana-taichou, the subordinate of Sakura-taichou gave me this bottle. She said it will heal her wounds as soon as she wakes up.” I gave the bottle to Unohana-taichou. “I see. I remember this potion she showed me one of this before. It will heal any kinds of wounds like paralysis etc.” Unohana-taichou kept the potion in her pockets. “Men, please leave. She will need some privacy. Isane, Nanao-chan, shall help me to cover up her wounds.” after the 4th division captain said. We left the room all of the rest of the men. Shunsui’s fuko-taichou, Nanao Ise shut the door behind us quietly so that she wouldn’t disturb Sakura.
          We started walking as I followed the other taichou and fuko-taichou. None of us spoken a word. Silence passed us, only the sound of footsteps, coughing, and breathing were heard. We returned to our divisions as the sun sets at the horizon. It was a long day for everyone of us. I was still following my captain along side as we entered the office. My captain sat down at the couch. A loud sigh came from my captain. “I shall be taking me leave now captain. Good Night." I bowed and headed out to the door. “Wait! When she wakes up tomorrow, you should go see her. I’m sure she’ll thank you for what you did.” my captain said in a straight tone. “Of course.” I closed the door behind and left the division, and went into the forest for my plan to be put into action...