Chapter 5: Meeting Hiyori - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Aizen’s POV
          Sakura-chan hugged me and shunpo’d to someplace. Finally, we stopped at a dark alley. I didn’t know what division is it, but it does not concern me. “Gomenesai, Sosuke-kun. It’s just embarrassing.” she un-handed me and a blush appeared on her face as I remained quiet. “So, to pay you back, why don’t you take me somewhere you want. I don’t care okay.” she smiled and I smirked. I held Sakura-chan by her waist. “Hold on tight, Sakura-chan.” she nodded and gripped me by my chest and hastily shunpo’d someplace. While I was heading to my division, I was stopped by someone. It was Hiyori. She was hanging out at the training grounds. She stared at me and stared back at Sakura-chan. “So you must be that ‘Sakura’ that the old man was talking about.” she said putting air quotes around Sakura’s name.
          “Nice to meet you Hiyori-chan.” she said as she bowed at Hiyori. “I didn’t introduce myself yet to you. Ya read minds?” Hiyori stared deeply at Sakura as she just stood there silent. “Iie. Demo, I just had that feeling that ‘Hiyori’ is your name.” Sakura said as she smiled softly at Hiyori. “I heard your pretty strong for a girl. I dare you to battle with me.” Hiyori said as she took out her zanpakuto. “You know Hiyori, you always greet people by sparring with them first.” a voice came out of nowhere. I looked around and I saw my Captain leaning under a cherry tree. “It’s all right Shinji-kun. It seems she loves to fight… I’ll give her what she wants.” she faced my captain and gave a soft smile at my captain. “Sosuke-kun, can you please step back it could be quite a kick.” Sakura warned me and I took steps back and I was 20 feet away.
          Sakura and Hiyori both took their positions. I noticed something… Sakura wasn’t carrying her zanpakuto. “If you’re wondering where is her zanpakuto, just watch.” my Captain said before words came out of my mouth. He read me like an open book. “Where’s your zanpakuto lady?! Show ‘em! I want to see your Shikai!” Hiyori yelled. “As you wish.” Sakura replied quietly. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Burn with pleasure…” an incredible spiritual pressure waves came from her. It affected Hiyori making him lower on the ground a little but Captain and I just stood there. Incredible heat and flames formed as it surrounded her. “…Kaen…Oujo(Fire Princess)” she called out her command. The flames that surrounded her disappeared. At her right hand, she held a katana. Her zanpakuto’s blade is a long silver blade. The guard was circular with ancient words inscribed. It has a crimson red grip. From the pommel, it has a long ribbon and colored red as a rose. ‘A beautiful zanpakuto yet somehow… it resembles  of a sword dipped in a river of blood. A killer zanpakuto is a better name for it.  I yet still admire it. Sakura-chan would be a perfect ruler…’ I thought and smirked.
          “Heh. Pretty strong for a woman.” Hiyori clenched her knuckles and smirked. “Chop Cleanly, Kubikiri Orichi (Beheading Serpent)!” Hiyori yelled our her command. Her katana became a large cleaver with a serrated saw-like blade. She dashed toward Sakura to make her first move. Sakura was standing there to wait for Hiyori to come. Hiyori landed a blow on Sakura, but she blocked it with no sweat. Sakura kept slashing on Hiyori like a shark frenzy who hasn’t eaten in years. Scars, bruises, blood came from Hiyori as she yelled out in pain. Something’s different from Sakura. Her eyes turned to a dark violet filled with anger, hatred, power, and pleasure of killing. A worried face came from my captain. ‘He must have noticed it too.’ I thought. “Sakura-chan! Stop this instant or you’ll kill her!” Sakura didn’t listen to my captain. She didn’t stop either. “Wake-up Sakura!” I yelled out. Sakura stopped slashing at Hiyori. Her eyes turned to normal as her sword disappeared to thin air. Sakura fell to her knees and feeling depressed.

          She looked at Hiyori’s wounded body lying on the ground in pain. Sakura placed both of her hands at Hiyori’s chest. Glowing light surrounded Sakura and Hiyori. I watched closely on what was happening. Slowly, Hiyori’s wounds, scars, and blood were disappearing. ‘Time/Space Regeneration? It could be something else…’ I thought curiously.

Sakura’s POV
          “I’m sorry about what happened Hiyori-chan. Forgive me…” Sakura finished healing Hiyori’s wounds. I got up from my knees and helped Hiyori get up and off the ground. “What did you do to me?” Hiyori whispered. “I healed your body. I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself.” I apologized once more. Sosuke-kun lifted me off the ground and carried me bridal style. “I’m sorry for all that inconvenience Hiyori-fuko taichou. Let‘s call it a day.” Sosuke-kun said. Shinji and Sosuke-kun walked while carrying me leaving Hiyori-chan just stood there in amazement looking at herself seeing no scars. 
          “Sosuke-kun, I’m sorry about what happened lately. I could control my self.” I clenched my hand and my finger nails dug into my skin making me bleed. I did not feel pain. “I understand Sakura-chan.” Sosuke-kun understood me. He landed a kiss on my forehead making my face heat up. “Well, I’ll be leaving you two. I have some un-finished paperwork to do.” Shinji-kun said and waved. He left us alone and Sosuke-kun kept on walking. “Sosuke-kun, you can put me down now. You must be tired and besides, I’m heavy.” I said softly and a soft chuckle came from Sosuke-kun and he smiled. “No. You’re actually light as a feather.” Sosuke-kun commented about me made my face heat up even more. “Oh yeah. By the way, I noticed something…” I wondered. “What is it?” Sosuke-kun asked. “Well, I noticed your name means ‘beloved’ isn’t it?” I asked. “You stand corrected.” Sosuke-kun smiled at me and smiled back. “Well, I like it.” I leaned my head on his chest getting comfortable. “Shall I take you back to your room?” Sosuke-kun asked me and I shook my head. “No. I want to stay in your room tonight. I don’t care if it’s small or cold. I can sleep on the ground.” “As you wish.”

          It was a long way to the 5th Division and to his room, but we had some small talks. Likes, dislikes, family, and other personal things. I noticed his birth date is May 29 and mines is June 9. Means were both Gemini. We had some good laughs along the way, but I felt something he doesn’t want to talk about. I’ll know about it sooner or later. But I shouldn’t butt in to a person’s privacy.

Aizen’s POV
          Along the way to my room, we talked and had good laughs. I enjoyed everything about her. Inside, I felt something tingling. ‘What is it? Why do I have this strange feeling.” I thought. Finally, we reached the division and got into my room. I opened my sliding door revealing a small space, a few furniture, a bed, and bookshelves. Sakura-chan wishes to get down. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience Sakura-chan. It’s a small room.” I bowed my head. “Please. Don’t worry about it. I like your room. Simple. Also, you don’t have to do your formalities. Were friends aren’t we?” Sakura-chan hugged me and I hugged back. “You’re right, friends… But you and I know we are more than that.”
          “Anyway, can I lay down on your bed?” Sakura-chan asked me. “Sure.” Sakura rushed towards the bed and laid down and she noticed the book I had on my bed. “Hey! This is my book…. What is it doing here?” she asked me curiously. Her voice lowered down and sounded different. “This book I wrote contains the ingredients needed to create the ‘King’s Seal’….” Sakura hugged to book tightly in her arms. “Also, no one in the royal family knows how to make it… I was the one who ever made the first one…” Sakura said sadly. It shocked me like needles pierced throughout my body ‘She was the one who created it…’ I thought. I calmed myself down. I sat down on the bed with her and cupped her chin. To face me. “Sakura-chan, please smile. When the sun isn‘t shining, everyone get‘s depressed. Just like a queen…” a smile slowly crept on Sakura’s face. “You’re right. I shouldn’t be sad or else everyone gets sad to… Thank you.” She slowly moved closer and closer… Her lips softly landed on mines. I closed my eyes and gladly gave it back. After a minute, we parted ourselves for our need of air. She laid down on my bed and so did I. We faced I hugged her and gladly she hugged back. “Promise me that you’ll be with me?” Sakura whispered softly. “I promise.” I said back. “Good night.” Sakura said. She fell asleep as I kissed her forehead. “Good Night, my goddess to be…” We fell into a deep sleep as we hugged each other in comfort and warmth over the cold night…