Chapter 8: Aizen's Death, Sakura's Execution - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Godess to be... (Aizen Sosuke Love Story)

Sakura’s POV Morning
I woke up early in the morning. I rushed in the bathroom to take a shower, get dressed, and other morning business. After I finished, I went straight to Sosuke-kun’s office. I slammed the door open, “Good Morning Sosuke-kun!” no respond. Silence filled. I looked around the office. I couldn’t find him. “Wonder where he is?” I asked myself. “What is it Sakura-sama, is there a problem?” an amused voice came. I turned around to face a captain with silver hair and a creepy smile. “Oh, it’s you Ichimaru-taichou. Have you seen Sosuke-kun? I haven’t seen him since this morning.” I said.
“Iie Sakura-sama. I haven’t seen him. I also was looking for him too.”
          “I hope he’s not sick or anything.”
          “Ahhhh!!!” A high pitched, screaming voice echoed. I rushed towards the source of where the screaming came from.

I saw Momo-chan standing in shock and frozen. She’s trembling in fear. “Momo-chan! What is it?” I shook her and pointed up. I looked at the place she pointed. My eyes widened. “Sosuke-kun!!!” I jumped toward Sosuke-kun. He was hanging on a wall with his sword pierced through his chest. Blood almost covered the whole wall. I took of the sword that pierced through his chest and bring him down. “Sosuke-kun! Sosuke-kuuuun!!!!! Don’t die on me! Don’t leave me alone!” I cried outloud. After all these years I have known him, he was more than a best friend to me. He loved me. He proposed. 
“Everyone! Give some space for Unohana-taichou!” I saw Unohana-chan along with her lieutenant. “Sakura-chan, what happened…” Unohana-chan asked. “I don’t know. I just heard Momo-chan screamed and came here. Then I saw Sosuke-kun just hanging there on the wall with a sword through his chest.” I held Sosuke-kun’s right hand tight. I caressed Sosuke-kun’s face. I tried using my healing ability. Something shocked me. It didn‘t work! 
         My tears slowly dropped on his face. I caressed his face.
Something isn’t right. This feeling. I’m not sure if this is the real Sosuke.’ I thought. I wiped the tears off my face. I was filled with rage and hatred. I went stomping my feet towards Gin. He’s somehow involved.
“Ichimaru-san, do you know something about this?” I stopped as soon as I faced him.
         “No Sakura-sama. Why would I even do that to Aizen-taichou?” I did not believe a single word he said. 
“You’re lying Ichimaru-san! Burn with pleasure, Kaen Oujo (fire princess)!!!” Incredible heat surrounded me. I released my zanpakuto and attack Ichimaru. He was just standing there like a statue and with an amused smile still on his face. “Stop it Sakura-chan.” I was stopped by two swords. It Toshiro-kun and by Yamamoto-kun. “I am sorry Sakura-sama, but attacking a captain is breaking the regulations of Soul Society. You may even be the one who created it, but you are being sentenced to death at noon!” Yamomoto-kun said. I felt someone hit me in the back. I fell on the ground. And everything that surrounded me is slowly fading to black…

Toshiro’s POV
I just stared at Sakura-sama. I was the one who hit her from behind. I left her. The other squads picked her up and lock her up. I went back to my office without saying a single word. 
I was continuing to finish my papers but then interrupted by thought. “I knew that this would happen.” I sighed. “Ohayo, Hitsugaya-taichou!!” I loud racket made me fall off of my chair. “Rangiku! Would you stop interrupting me!! Can’t you see that I’m busy!” I yelled at Rangiku. “Well, you were in very deep thought taichou!” Rangiku said as she forced to put a smile on my face. “Stop it! This is important! Can’t you see Sakura-chan is being executed at high noon!” I shouted at her. I panted.
“I know taichou. She was a very good friend.” Rangiku’s voice lowered down. “She was the one who trained me to achieve bankai and that is why I’m here now, a captain.”
“The YOUNGEST captain I should say.”
          An anime vein popped out but I try not to raise my blood pressure. “Captain, why don’t we check out Sakura-chan.” I sighed. “All right.”

Sakura’s POV
I woke up in darkness with a small fire. CLING! I looked at my arms and feet. They were locked up in chains. ‘Must be prison.’ I thought. “You shouldn‘t struggle through those chains, Sakura-chan.” I noticed the faint voice. “How are you doing Toshiro-kun?” I said trying to lighten up the mood.
“How ya doing Sakura-chan?” Rangiku said as she came. A sad voice came from her.
          “You do know you are being executed today right?” Toshiro-kun asked. “Yes. I knew that. But it’s all right. I always have wondered what death feels like.” I evilly smirked at Toshiro-kun. 
          “Don‘t even think about escaping.”
          “Don’t worry Toshiro-kun, I won’t. I’ll be causing more trouble anyway.” He left me alone in the dungeon. Darkness surrounded me. Tears flowed. 
          ‘Sakura-chan, please smile. When the sun isn‘t shining, everyone get‘s depressed. Just like a queen. Those who care for the queen, the people will also feel the same thing.’ Those words that Sosuke-kun said echoed in my head. “Your right. I shouldn’t be sad. Everyone get’s depressed..” I forced myself to smile. Until then I waited for the time of my execution.

Today is the day of my death
I’m hanging at Sokyoku Hill and placed at Senzaikyu.
Where the ones are being executed
Where everyone can get a better view.
Some are mad
Some are crying
But I don’t care
They may say cursed things.
But they meant nothing to me.
But I soon will be with the one I love
I wasn’t sure if that body is real or just a dummy being used trick me.
My mind is confused, lost
I have no idea what to do…

          There stood in front of me, I gigantic staff 200 feet tall. It contains the legendary phoenix. The one I created. The one I brought to life. Some can’t control to those who have life. Some can. But I cannot. I closed my eyes. I could feel the soft breeze touch my face. I could see a forest. A forest full of cherry blossoms. The trees opened a path for me. It revealed a figure. I ran towards it. It seems, so far away. The figure may be close, but I cannot reach it. The figure began to walk. “Wait! Please wait!” The figure kept on going forward leaving me alone. Depression filled my heart. I lost my love and now I will loose my life.
          I opened my eyes once again. The giant sword was supposed to cut through me. But it didn’t. Instead in front of me. A man in front of me, stopped the giant scythe held with one finger. His hair was chocolate brown. His clothing was full white. To the left and two his right are two other ones. Both of them also was wearing white. The one with the brown haired turned and faced me. My sight blurred. I couldn’t completely see his face. Everything I can see, turned to fully black and me in darkness.