Pt 2 Chapter 14: New Beginning? Let's Go! - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story) Part 2

6 Years Later
Sakura’s POV
          My name is Sakura Kamimori, Captain of the 5th Company. Well, I was supposed to be in the Zero Division, but I felt bad for the fifth. The lieutenant is always sick. When Momo is sick, I had Hallibel-chan back up for her. Here I am sitting in a room, I meant office doing paperwork and almost finished. “Done.” I set down my pen and jumped up from my chair. 
          I felt a strong presence entered the room. “You seem to be in a very good mood Sakura-chan?” I looked in front of me Hallibel arms folded and looking at me straight with her green eyes. I placed my hand on my chest and sighed. “I thought you someone else.” I said.
          She sweat dropped. “Hey Sakura-chan! Can I come in?” I looked aside Hallibel-chan to look at Rangiku leaning her back against the door. “Yes you may Rangiku-san. You’re always welcome here!” I smiled. She entered.
          “Well I was wondering if you and Hallibel would like to come with me to the World of the Living?” she ask.
          “Sounds amazing! It would be a perfect break for me. I also missed some specific foods that they don’t have here…”
          “You’re always about food don’t you Sakura-chan.” Rangiku says. “Yep! Come on then let’s go!”
          We finally got to the World of the Living. We grabbed our gigais from Urahara’s Shop to retrieve them. My gigai is special. I personally requested it from Urahara-kun. 
          “Hey why don’t we head to the mall?!” Rangiku said. I slipped and tripped on the floor. I rubbed my head. One thing I hate the most is shopping. There are many things to pick and it makes me dizzy.

           “Come on Sakura-chan. It’s not that bad. Tell you what.” Rangiku and Hallibel helped me to get up. Rangiku continues, “First we go shopping and we’ll grab some food. How’s that sound?” She ask.
          I nodded my head quickly. “Come on then!” I grabbed Rangiku and Hallibel’s hands to pull them to the mall.
          Hours have passed. Tired. My arms are full of shopping bags while Rangiku and Hallibel’s hands are free. Well, that was the deal. I have to carry their bags. My stomach growled. We stopped walking and they both faced me. “I guess our Sakura-chan is hungry?” Hallibel says. My face flushed and faced the other way. They laughed.
          “No need to be shy. We are going on a restaurant, eat there, and drink some sake!!” I sweat dropped as I look at Hallibel and Rangiku jumping up and down happily. They both pulled me heading straight to the ‘Restaurant’ where were going to eat and drink.
          “Banzai!” Rangiku and Hallibel shouted as they toasted their drinks. I looked at mines to see my own reflection. Why am I so glum I thought to myself.
          “Hey Sakura-chan! Don’t get glum. This is supposed to be a fun time for us girls you know! Just hanging out!” Rangiku says as she poured the sake in her glass. “I-I guess so…”
          “Are you gonna drink that? Cause if you don’t, I’ll tell everyone that you’re asking my Captain on Valentines Day!” My face turned into a million shades of red. “Hey Rangiku-san! That’s not true!” I objected. “Still. If you don’t drink you’re sake I’m still going to tell everyone~!” I given up to what Rangiku said. I drank my sake all the way. After that, something weird happen. My vision blurred and weakened. I see two Rangiku and Hallibel standing in front of me. 
          “Whoa! What’s happening…” I said weakly as I placed my hand on my forehead.
          “I guess you’re not really used to sake!!” They both laughed loudly. I chuckled weakly. The party lasted for hours like there was no end to it. We left the restaurant.
          Rangiku and Hallibel were helping each other to walk because you know… they’re drunk. “We’ll be staying in Orihime’s apartment. Are you coming?” Rangiku asked.
           “No. You guys go ahead. I want to have a walk around since I don’t feel very dizzy. Besides, fresh air will help me get better… I think.” I responded.
          “All right then. If you need a place to sleep, you know where to go!” Rangiku waved goodbye as I too waved back. Both of them went right and I went left myself. 
          I have been walking around for hours. I looked up at buildings and up the sky as I walked. “Wow! The lights are incredible here!” I admired the view. I stopped walking for a while and sat down at an dark alley. Goosebumps.. Creepy. I shivered. I heard a silent footsteps from a small distance. “What’s a pretty lady doing around here? Shouldn’t you be at home?” I looked above me a middle aged drunk guy. I lifted myself up and my back was against the wall. My body trembled in fear while the drunk guy has a smirk plastered on his face. I felt his hand rested on my chest. My face turned to shades of red. He pulled my shirt and ripped it off revealing my bra on. I covered myself up but he moved my arms away.
          Now, don’t be shy girl, this will be fun won’t it?” He chuckled lowly against my right ear. The drunk man moved and positioned himself. I close my eyes tight. Please, please, please! I beg you Lord! Someone save me. I whimpered.
          “Stop what you’re doing.” A voice came as it echoed in my head. I looked to my left and face up. I couldn’t see his other features but he was inches taller than me and him.
          “You shouldn’t hurt a lady. Now that is impolite.” The tall strange man says.
          “I was just having fun. Leave us alone.” The creepy drunk guy replies. The strange man raised his hand to point it to the drunk man. He smirks. On his palm, a spherical glowing blue appeared. Wait! Isn’t that…
          "Hado #33 Sukatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down).” The strange man fired the blue spiritual energy at the drunk guy. I watched as the man incinerated into dust and disappeared. 

          “It’s forbidden to use a Hado spell on a human.” I growled. Once again he smirks.
          “I do know that.” He says in a deep threatening voice. He walks towards me as I walked backwards. Damn. How could I be so helpless in a situation like this.. I’m so stupid! I finally reached the dead end. My back already touched the wall. He quickly grabs my chin. I looked into his eyes but I couldn’t. The strange man crashed his lips into mine. His kiss was soo… passionate. Somehow... this kiss... it's familiar. Have I ever kissed someone before lips to lips? I did not held back and gave back the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He inserted his tongue in my mouth without permission. I felt something not his tongue but a pill. The pill slid down my throat. I placed my palms on his chest and forcefully push him away from me. But I did not succeed. He kept on kissing me roughly until my vision blurred and darkness had once again took over…