Pt 2 Chapter 18: Hidden Personalities - Sakura18553 FanFic

My Goddess to be... (Aizen Sousuke Love Story)

Chapter 18
Unohana’s POV

          I saw Sakura-sama’s eyes shut. I looked at Tsuruga-taichou’s expression. He’s worried.
          “Tsuruga-taichou, can you wait outside please. We’ll try to heal her wounds.”
          “All right I‘ll wait outside. I’ll come back if you’re done.”
          “Of course.” He turns his back and left the room.
I removed her clothes, heal the wound a bit, and wrapped the bandages covering from her chest to her waist. I replaced her clothes with a kujaku (kimono mini dress). The kimono was soft silky velvet with small flowers as patterns. I smiled sweetly at her. I hope she likes her new clothes. I grabbed Her chest was moving up and down. Whew. She’s finally breathing. She’s sleeping so peacefully. I grabbed something out of my pocket. I injected a special medicine to heal her. My lieutenant and I left the room and I looked to my left, Tsuruga-taichou was leaning his back on the wall.
          He walked towards me. “Is she all right?” he asks.
          “Yes she is. You are free to enter. I might want to warn you that when she wakes up, she might act a bit odd because of the medicine to injected into her body. I’m not sure what it will be. It actually depends on the person.”
          “All right. Thank you Unohana-taichou.”
          “A pleasure.” I smiled. He went in towards the room as he shuts the door. Hmmm… I wonder what side effects will it give her. Headache? Dizziness? Stomachache? Oh well. I’m sure it’s nothing that will kill her. I just have to wait and see. I chuckled.
          “Eh… Is there something the matter taichou?” I looked up at her and smiled. “Oh it‘s nothing.”
          “All right then taichou.” She stuttered. “Oh and can you please make sure she no one enters. Although, Tsuruga-taichou is free to. Alright?” I command. She nods.

2 Hours Later
Tsuruga’s POV
          I was in the office. Momo was explaining a few items I need to know in here. It’s been three hours which is taking long. This is getting boring.
          You already know everything there is here Sousuke. You do not need a brat of a lower rank teach you. Kyoka Suigetsu interrupted. Of course. But I don’t want to be rude and besides, you don’t want both of us to be exposed. I replied. ‘You’re right. We have to be patient.’
          Finally Hinamori finished her explanations. I kindly smiled and looked down at her. “Thank you very much for explaining everything here Momo-san. I’ll find it helpful.” I could see her face blush lightly. “Y-you’re welcome t-taichou.” she stuttered. I looked at my watch at my left arm.
          “Umm…Momo-san. Is it all right If I may leave for a while?” I asked. She smiled. “Sure taichou. I’m going somewhere with Shiro-chan anyway. Bye!” She waved goodbye and ran. I began walking the opposite direction. ‘Excited to see her?’ Kyoka Suigetsu appeared. ’Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?’ I replied. After our conversation I immediately shunpo’d to the 4th Division to go to her room.
          I finally have reached the entrance and I quickly went to her door. But before I could open it, I could hear sounds coming behind the door. That made me worry. Maybe she’s having a bad dream. I opened the door and close it shut. SLAM! I couldn’t see the room clearly. It was dark. All of the windows was closed blocking all of the sunlight coming from outside. But there was a small source of light on a table near her bed. On the table I saw a bottle of sake. All empty and not even a single drop left. I looked at her. She was sitting up. Her whole body was wet with water. Her clothes was messy mostly revealing her risqué places. Her finger was at her womanhood she was rubbing it, pleasuring herself. Soft moans escaped her lips. She was panting and breathing heavily, she has finally reached her climax.
          I smirked at her, doing that to herself. Well this is surprising. I never saw this side of Sakura-chan. She never drinks sake or never done THAT. I sat down on her bed, she is still panting heavily.
          She looked up to me. “P-please…” I looked at her and leaned down at her.
          I cuped her chin and pulled her closer. “What is it you want Mademoiselle (young lady)?”
          “P-please…taichou… punish me….” she continued. “I have been a bad girl! Please punish me!” She pushed me down on the bed with my back laying down. I once again smirked at her. “Of course. You’ve been a bad girl. That‘s not how a taichou acts.” I played along. I pushed her down on the bed as she groaned in pain.
          I pulled down the sleeves of her kimono revealing her beautiful breasts. I then ripped her kimono in half. “Ahh!” she screamed aloud. I fondled her breasts. After I fondled with them, I sucked and bit her nipples lustily (yes. That is a word. I looked it up).
         “Nggh...” Sakura moaned. “Yes. That’s it. Punish me.” She started grinding her hips taking in this pleasure to remember. I trailed my tongue up to her neck and found her lovingly good spot. Her breathing has gotten harder.
          That’s it. I got where I want you. I trailed my tongue south. Her @&%%$ was extremely wet. I licked her @&%%$ and inserted my tongue inside her clitoris devouring her whole. “AAh!! Yes, Yes, YES!! Just eat my @&%%$ !!” she said in a low volume holding it. She has finally reached her climax and cum was spilling out. I sucked all of it. I went up and faced her, colliding my lips on hers. I quickly inserted my tongue, which she gladly gave permission. It’s been years since I haven’t tasted her.
          I removed shinigami uniform. Sakura looked down eyes widened, but she looked back up and smiled in a different way. “You’ve got some pretty big dick there. Is it ever going to fit?” She asked oh-so innocently.
          I chuckled at her. I positioned myself at her. “I guess we’ll just have to find it out ourselves why don’t we?”
                          I won’t allow you to have fun alone and without me ever again… Sakura.